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I’m Donnie. 37 years old.

I love printable coupons because I can save money and help my family. I started this blog as a passion and mostly because I love to show others how to save money. I write about Tracfone codes, Redbox codes and some retail/apparel brands like American Eagle (my favorite), Forever 21 or even Sports Authority. I also post coupons for Mcdonalds (my favorite restaurant all time), Papa Johns, Olive Garden and a few others.

I love your comments and that’s why I started a feedback page. Also, the comments are open to all our articles, so feel free to share what you think, good or bad. From time to time I also feature some Saveology deals (i love their 50% off gift cards) and some kids eat for free deals. What I like the most about this blog is that plenty of people read and use the info around here to save lots of money (I can’t say for sure, but perhaps we saved our visitors 1 million dollars already). Sounds crazy, but coupons & coupon codes save people millions of dollars per day used wisely.

Enough about me. You?


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