Silk soy milk coupons

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Kraft coupons

Looking for new Kraft coupons? Looking for an ongoing list of April 2017 coupons? We have them all and we update them weekly.

New Kraft Facebook coupon:


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Do you need the latest SmashBurger Survey? Do you need new SmashBurger coupons? – All you need to start/enter this survey is: your store number + date/time of visit (you better know it) + ticket number + total amount of purchase – you find everything on your latest receipt from SmashBurger.

Furthermore, don’t forget that you can sign up with them and get more new offers via email.

We have an entire surveys category.

New food coupons: – Applebees Survey

Are you looking for a new Applebees coupon or even a survey? Have you made a recent visit to your local Applebees restaurant? If so, you are ready for their survey. – First, you need to select the country or territory where you’ve visited the latest Applebees restaurant (yes, United States is not the only option with them). Then you have to select your language (I guess you can select a couple of languages too). If you complete their survey you have the chance of winning $1,000 in cash. How cool is that? All you need to enter the survey (besides the language/country) is the 9 digit survey code from the receipt you got.

Me and my husband love Applebees. Do you need more surveys? We have an entire category for the surveys.

Do you need coupons? – Chick Fil A Survey

Do you want the latest survey from Chick Fil A? All you have to do is to see their survey, complete and get some things. – All you have to do is to first enter the serial number from your receipt (this is the only way you can participate to their survey). You can probably complete the survey in multiple languages.

Also, don’t forget to sign up to Chick Fil A in order to get more printable coupons from them.

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More printable coupons: – Denny’s Survey

Want new & cool coupons for Denny’s? Why not, instead, get some nice coupons via their survey? – In order to get the coupon via survey (you might get a coupon or something in exchange) you need to complete their survey. All you need in order to start the survey is the survey code from the top of your receipt. There are 2 languages in which you can answer this survey – english & espanol.

Survey code – the survey code on your receipt should be 16 digit (a 16 digit code). It takes about 8-10 minutes to complete the survey.

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More coupons? – Popeyes Survey

Do you need the latest Popeyes coupons? Do you want more details about their Popeyes Survey? – Probably one of the most interesting surveys from the web. You could win an Ipod and/or $1000 in cash. You must be at legal age to participate/have the chance to win this survey. Also, in order to enter this survey you need 2 details – the amount (total) from your last receipt from them and the restaurant number/date.

How much it takes to complete the feedback/survey? It takes around 10 minutes to complete this survey, so don’t even worry about.

Have fun and save!

More coupons for you: – Kfc Survey

Do you want the latest Kfc coupons already? We have those (plenty of them), but we also have a cool way to get something more – a survey for KFC. – This survey is only for people that are already 18 or more than 18 years old. Also, this is only for participating restaurants only (not all KFC restaurant participate in this survey). The winner of this survey will win a $500 price (a free Ipad tablet). Remember, one wins (not everybody). They seem to have weekly prizes too.

Limit – only one telephone entree (in 2 weeks, after 2 weeks you probably can make another one).

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New surveys: – Dunkin Donuts Survey

Do you want to save money at Dunkin Donuts beside their regular coupons and sign up deals? Then their survey is exactly what you need. – One of the most important things about this type of survey is that it only works with receipt numbers from the last 3 days. If you have’t been to Dunkin Donuts lately, now it’s the time to go. You could easily take the survey in 2 languages, which is english and spanish. All you need to start this survey is a 6 digit number from your receipt from the last 3 days. You will find the 6 digit number after the word Store ### from your receipt (the top part from your receipt).

Make sure you take the survey and get the coupon/special deal from them.

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Do you like Vitamin Water? Of course you do! We all do! And we all know their coupons are hard to find nowadays. That’s why they released a new type of survey in order for you to get free stuff coupons – one in six that complete the survey get a nice/special coupon and many many other opportunities. – this is where you need to complete the survey/feedback or how you want to call it. All you need is your email (where you get the coupon if you are lucky enough) and the code (it can be easily found on bottles). Only for those that are 21 or 21+ years old in United States. No other country available.

The promotion ends 20 February 2013, so plenty of time to get special/free coupons from Vitamin Water.

Limit – one entry/survey/person/day. So in one month you can complete at least 29-30 surveys like this if you drink that amount of Vitamin Water or related products.

Here is the winners list. It might take a while to see some winners there.

New surveys: – Burger King Survey

Do you like Burger King? Besides Burger King coupons now you can easily answer a nice survey from Burger King in order to get a free sandwich (via email). – all you have to do is to complete the survey and expect something via email. It won’t be hard at all. 

What do you have to do? First off you need to enter your restaurant number (the last BK restaurant you’ve been into). You will find the restaurant number right on the front of your receipt (don’t forget to keep your receipts once you ate at Burger King). You also need the date/time of visit at your favorite BK, as well the city where you visited the restaurant. For those interested, English is not the only language of this survey. You can complete the Survey in french and spanish too, which could be helpful for a lot of people.

At the end of the survey you might receive something cool.

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