Hershey park coupons

Looking for Hershey park coupons? We have them! We really do.

Buy $50+ Kraft products from Giant and get $15 off Hershey Park ticket. Let me know if this deal works for you. No coupon required. They only give you the coupon if you buy $50+ worth of Kraft products (worked in 2012).

Leave a comment if the deals work.  😎 Have you used the deals?

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Tracfone promo codes

Looking for new Tracfone promo codes? Looking for 60 minutes Tracfone promo codes? Or 30 bonus Tracfone promo codes? We got them all! Founded in 1996, Tracfone Wireless is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. With only around 400 employees, Tracfone is making my life a lot happier. As you know already, they are a prepaid cell phone company. Do you know they first started in Florida? In Miami? Probably one of the best things about Tracfone is that you can buy minutes with coupon codes and get a lot more minutes than you originally paid for. This is why I choose Tracfone and never thought about other companies offering similar services. So, before buying any Tracfone minutes, make sure you have the latest coupon codes available on the market. You might save a lot of money just by having a new coupon codes or more.

We had super success with our old Tracfone promo codes 2017 for April (we update montly) article, so we decided to create another one, but with more codes:

New deals: Tracfone 1 Year of Service & 400 minutes for $84.99 (save 15%) + Tracfone LG800G 1200 minutes + Triple Minutes for Life just $79.99 (save 20%)

  • 12745 (works!) or 52464 or 71287 or 84464  this one gives you 60 / 30 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards. Works!
  • 55698 – this code is for 20 bonus minutes for 60/90 minutes cards. Works!
  • 17321 or 72454 or 70583 or 93729 – this code is only 250 bonus minutes for 1 year / 400 minutes cards. Works!
  • 66969 or 66857 or 90628 – this one gives you 50 bonus minutes – 200 minutes cards.
  • 40020 – this one gives you 20 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards.
  • 28805 – 20 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards.
  • 53288 or 72505 or 70479 – this code should give you 250 bonus minutes with 400+/450 minutes purchase.
  • 17286 or 79679 or 82229 or 18137 – this code should give 40 bonus minutes for 120 minutes cards.
  • 78253 this one should give you 250 bonus minutes – with 1 year card.
  • 77578 this one gives you 100 bonus minutes for 120+ minutes cards. We received over  20+ comments that this code works on various Tracfone mobile phones, so use it wisely. You can use multiple times too. Expires 03/31/17
  • 79163 – only 20 bonus minutes, only for 60 minutes cards. I really love the code. One friend of mine got 80 bonus minutes with it. Expires 03/31/17
  • 66229 – 10 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards. Let me know if it works.
  • 94074 – gives you 60 minutes on 120 minutes cards or even bigger cards. 
  • 70826 you should get 60 bonus minutes for 120 minutes cards.
  • 66836 – might get 60 minutes on 120 cards.
  • 78349  you should get 60 bonus minutes for 200 minutes cards.
  • We have a lot more  Tracfone codes on our Facebook wall.
  • 86077 – get 350 bonus minutes with 1 year + 400 minutes card. Some got 250 bonus minutes, some got 350 bonus minutes.
  • 16067 – get 250 bonus minutes for the 400 minutes cards or more. 
  • 92072  get 200 bonus minutes for one year cards for 400 minutes. 
  • 99908 should give you 100 bonus minutes on 400 minutes cards and even more. Expires 04/30/17


Don’t forget to leave us comments if codes work or not for you. Good or bad, we love your feedback. Be back in May 2017 for more Tracfone codes, freebies and a lot of deals. We post something new each week.

In the meantime, if you want to read over 150+ comments, read our old Tracfone promo codes for 2017.

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Do you need Dollar Tree coupons or surveys?

www.DollarTreeFeedback.com – If you enter their survey you could win $1,000 in cash (which is super cool) + one Ipod. I’ve now read that they offer 10 chances to win those $1,000 in cash. All you need to start this survey is the following – your store number + the amount you spent + date of visit + time of visit. You really need to be the legal age to participate to win $1,000 in cash.

2 languages – you can take this survey in 2 languages which are – english + spanish (perfect for spanish speaking people).

For more surveys go here.

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