Subway coupons 2017 printable

Founded in 1965, Subway is the largest restaurant in the world. With over 37,000 restaurants all around the world, Subway is a restaurant you should eat at. You can’t miss Subway, mostly because is so big and you can find it anywhere. Do you know the first Subway was founded in Connecticut with just $1000 borrowed money from a friend? Do you know that Subway is a big big brand nowadays and everybody know about it? If you are looking to eat a tuna, steak or cheese, a good sandwich and more more products, Subway is the perfect place to go.

Do you love Subway? Current Subway coupons printable 2017:

Subway May deal – Simple $6 Menu from SubwayExpires 04/30/17
At participating restaurants. Some local Subways have $5 Footlongs featured in weekends.

Get Codes & Win Prizes.

Subway for Kids offer – a new cool promotion for your kids. Expires 04/30/17

Subway Survey and get a free Cookie coupon – you will get the coupon by email. Expires in one month after survey date.
P.S. the free cookie is available only with purchase of more food.


[ Might be interested in some Quiznos coupons too? ]

$3 Breakfast Combo offer. Rolling.  :-)
Probably the thing I’ve eaten. Do you like it? Drink + sandwich.

WIN $100,000  New Subway Battleship Instant game.

Win a Free Coke Zero and more money. Use this free code  6LYHL6NY

We will post the new Subway deals as soon they come out. Do you have a tip? Leave a comment.

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Teacher discountFreebie for Teachers.


More deals:

Do you have more Subway coupons 2017?

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Chipotle coupons

Founded in 1993, Chipotle is one of the most popular restaurant in United States. They have over 1300 locations all around the United States. One of the most famous product from Chipotle, is, of course taco. They have burritos too. Yes they have printable coupons to save a lot of money. Do you know that Mcdonalds was a huge investor in Chipotle at the beginning? They have over 30,000 employees all around the world? They even have restaurants in London, so if you ever go to London, make sure you visit a Chipotle to eat some good food. Don’t forget to search/take/print Chipotle coupons to make sure you save some money and eat good.

If you love Mexican food, you love Chipotle. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chipotle too, but not without Chipotle coupons April 2017:

  • Sign in at Chipotle – get multiple offers via email.
  • Kids eat for free in September – Order one Kids Meal from Chipotle before 31 August 2012. Keep your receipt and your kid will eat for free once in November 2012 (no coupon required). Call your local restaurant to see if they are participating.

Chipotle restaurant locator.

More coupons printable:

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes coupons

Founded in 1978, Sweet Tomatoes or even Souplantation is one of my favorite restaurants in United States. I always eat there with my family and a lot of my friends. I also love this restaurant mostly because they have a lot of printable coupons available and every week they release new ones. I love their products a lot, most of them being soups, pizzas, breads and a lot of others. I love their family meal printable coupons too. I guess they have some kids eat for free printable coupons also. One advice, if you are a big fan of Souplantation and spend lots of money there, make sure you sign up to their newsletter and get the latest weekly printable coupons for your area. You might save a lot of money this way. They also have a customer survey to complete to get printable coupons and prizes too!

Do you want to go outside, at a restaurant with your friends or family? With your girlfriend or future wife? Souplantation is the best place you can choose. But don’t go without current Souplantation coupons April 2017:


Sweet Tomatoes store locator.

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Starbucks coupons

Starbucks is a great coffee store. Do you know they have 149,000 employees all around the world (Japan, Great Britain, China, Taiwan and of course, United States) only to sell coffee? How cool is that? They have around 20,000 locations, all around the world. If you travel around USA or around Europe, you should find a lot of Starbucks to test your printable coupons. And don’t forget, they have a lot of printable coupons lately, most of them cool to save a lot of money. Do you know that the first Starbucks started in Seattle? Do you know they have stores in about 58 countries all around the world and counting?

Everyone wants Starbucks. Everybody is looking for Starbucks coupons 2017:

Be back in May 2017 for more coupons.

Starbucks store locator.

More deals & codes:

  • Promo code: Free shipping on $99+ orders with this code FS99AFF. Rolling (online-only)
  • $1/1 Starbucks VIA Ready Brew coupon in SS Insert (17 June 2012). 
  • $1/1 tarbucks Ice Cream Pint coupon in SS Insert (17 June 2012).
  • $1.50/1 Starbucks Coffee (11 oz or 11+ oz) in SS Insert (17 June 2012).
  • Super cool dealsAmazon Warehouse deals for Starbucks coffee. Over 30-40% discount.
  • Sign up and save money.

Free Starbucks on CSV – Buy 2 Starbucks Refreshers and get $3 ECB (extrabucks). Those 2 Starbucks Refreshers cost $3. Use your $3 Free ECB to buy another 2 FREE Starbucks Refreshers. Starting 22 July 2012 [ in-store only ]

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Einstein Bagels coupons

Looking for Einstein Bagels Coupons? Looking for New Printable coupons? We have them all! We have the latest Einstein Bagels Coupons. Founded in 1995, Einstein Bagels is one of my favorite restaurants all around the world. They have a lot of cool printable coupons and a lot of ways to save money. One of my favorite way to save money at Einstein Bagels is to sign up at their newsletter and get printable coupons from time to time. They also feature new printable coupons on their Facebook page too and with Facebook likes too. Do you know it was first founded in Colorado? In Golden?

Do you like original bagels? Do you love egg bagels? You probably need Einstein Bagels coupons:

[ Not happy enough? We have many Starbucks Coupons ]

Be back in May 2017 for more coupons.

Einstein Bagels restaurant locator.

Do you have more Einstein Bagels coupons 2017?

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Burger king coupons printable

Founded in 1953, Burger King or BK is one of the biggest restaurants in the world, maybe the biggest one by the number of locations. They have over 34,000 employees all around the world, not to mention many many locations all around the United States and other countries. Whenever I am interested in a burger and some fries, I always go to Burger King first. What I also love about Burger King is that they have a lot of printable coupons (they released new printable coupons that will expire on 4 November 2012) which you can save dollars with. They also have huge deals on their Facebook page too.

I love Burger King. Here are the latest Burger King coupons printable for 2017. The April 2017 coupons are ready:

Burger King store locator.



Panera coupons

Looking for new Panera coupons? Looking for new Panera coupons & survey coupons? Or Panera prizes for free? We have everything! Do you love bread? I know I do! Do you know that Panera has around 4700 employees around the world? Do you know that they have around 1500 locations all around the world? What I love about Panera is not only the quality of products, but also the fact they have deals/coupons and a lot of ways to save money on their products. I wish I had the money to go there every single day, but my budget is kinda small these months.

Do you want a nice coffee and nice bread? You need the latest Panera coupons April 2017:

  • Sign up – sign up and get free pastry, treat or even beverage at sign up. They want to start a new rewards program. Expires 04/30/17 + 20+ Related Restaurant coupons (we have everything!) Still going!
  • Get a Free $10 Panera Gift card from MyPoints. Purchase 4 x $25 Panera Gift cards and get a free gift card ($10). Should work for Kmart, Kohl’s and other brands too.
  • Panera Bread Customer Survey – win stuff. Expires 04/30/17
  • Free Panera pastry – when you register. Valid only for 60 days after registering. Panera doesn’t offer coupons often, so don’t bother searching for more. Found any deals for Panera?? You will get espresso drink for free + one smoothie only if you join rewards.
  • Birthday coupon: you might get one at sign up.

Panera Store locator.

More coupons printable:

Red Lobster coupons printable

Founded in 1968, Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant in United States that sells lobster. I also love their $5-10 off printable coupons. They have over 700 locations in United States. You might not know, but they have restaurants in Canada and United Arab Emirates too. They are also in Japan. My advice is that you should sign up to their newsletter in order to get the latest printable coupons. Also, make sure you stay in touch with their Facebook page for more printable coupons. Only last month alone the released a cool $10/2 off adult entrees purchase printable coupons via Facebook.

I love eating at Red Lobster. My favorite.

This is why I am searching for Red Lobster coupons printable 2017 all day long. Here is what I have found:

  • Join the club for a birthday present + coupons/events.
  • Make sure to browse your Sunday Papers/Inserts for printable coupons for Red Lobster. Most of the times that’s the only reliable source of getting Red Lobster coupons for cheap, fast. They don’t have too many printable coupons online.
  • Complete a Red Lobster Survey to win monthly prizes – 100 prizes of $50 and a big one of $1000. Expires 04/30/17
  • New deal – Red Lobster 4 course meal for just $14.99. Prices are higher in some locations. You can combine it with coupons with no problems.
  • Four Course Seafood Feast – for $15. You get: soup, seafood, salad, your favorite dessert and more.
  • Rumor – Red Lobster takes expired coupons.

RedLobster restaurant locator.

More coupons printable:

Mcdonalds coupons

Want new Mcdonalds coupons? Want new McCafe coupons? Want $1 off Coffee printable Mcdonalds coupons? Save money with the latest Mcdonalds coupons. Everyone living in the 21 century knows what Mcdonalds is. With around 33,000 locations world-wide, they have one of the biggest brand in the world. Do you know the first Mcdonalds was founded in 1940, in California? Do you know that you can find a Mcdonalds restaurant in 119 countries and counting? Do you know that 60 million people eat at Mcdonalds every month? Just kidding, 60 million people eat at Mcdonalds every DAY. Before 1993 they sold over 100 billion hamburgers world-wide. That’s something, right?

100 million people love Mcdonalds! You love Mcdonalds!
Here are active Mcdonalds coupons April 2017:

  • Halloween deal: New Treat pack coupons available in select stores (12 coupons available).
  • Get Lots of promotions available on their official website.
  • Free McCafe coupon instantly with sign upExpires 04/30/17. Going! 
  • Get Here In-store Coupons for Mcdonalds – Expires 04/30/17 [ some expire on 1 May 2017 ]
  • Spring Treat Coupon Booklet: for $1 you get: free hamburger coupon + free apple slices + vanilla cone for free and even more coupons. Ask your local Mcdonalds if participating.
  • Mcdonalds promotions – I love their promotions + store locator – Expires 04/30/17 
  • Mcdonalds promotions – Favorite Meal under 400 calories. Love it? Comment.
  • Mcdonalds Canada coupons –BOGO coupons + 2 can dine deal + and more depends on your city Expires 04/30/17
  • Tip – make sure you ask your local Mcdonalds about Halloween/Winter Booklet. They are super cheap and have plenty of printable coupons inside. Valid for Canada too!
  • Halloween Coupon Booklet for Mcdonalds – there are 12 printable coupons in it: small cones + apple slices + juice boxes all free. 4x each! The price is $1 and they are sold directly at Mcdonalds. Only $1 and you get 12 freebies/coupons for Mcdonalds. 
  • Mcdonalds Halloween Treat Packs – just $1.00 at your local Mcdonalds. You save a lot more with the Amex $5 off deal too. Expired 1/31/13
  • $1 off Coffee deal – Brewed coffee for $1 at Select Mcdonalds. No coupon required! Call your store before!
  • More Mcdonalds coupons on our Facebook page.
  • [ We have some Burger King coupons too ] 
  • Report card freebie – Free Happy Meal for one A at school.  😀 (call before to see if your local Mcdonalds is participating)
  • Mcdonalds Canada: Answer a survey and get many coupons printable: for fries, for salad, for soft drink and even more. Works at participating restaurants.
Be back in May 2017 for more coupons. We update weekly!

More deals:

  • Mcdonalds USA: Sign up fast. After that look into your mail or in the grocery ads for the latest $30 off Booklet from Mcdonalds. It has plenty of coupons like: Free Happy Meal, Free Oatmeal, Free medium Fries, Chicken McBites (you don’t even need to purchase something to get it), etc.
  • Mcdonalds USA: Filet – O – Fish for 99 cents starting 22 February 2012 (Rumor)
  • Seniors discount: 55 years or more? Call and see if you qualify for a discount at your Local Mcdonalds.


Good to know:

  • they don’t offer printable coupons too often. Most of the times they have in-store offers, so check it out at your local Mcdonalds.
  • Don’t know what to eat? See their Mcdonalds menu.


More coupons printable:

Chuck e cheese coupons

Looking for New Chuck e cheese coupons? Looking for Chuck e Cheese coupons for your children? Looking for free food? Save at least $10/coupon. Let me show you how. First founded in 1977, Chuck e Cheese is my favorite place to eat pizza with my kids. Do you know they have around 540 stores/restaurants worldwide? They probably have a cool restaurant near you too! If you are looking for a nice birthday party, some tokens, a cool pizza and to feel happy with your children, Chuck e Cheese is the perfect way to go, trust me! If you want to save money at Chuck e Cheese, the best way to do that is to get/print their coupons and go with them in-store. Most of the times they have cool printable coupons, most of them good enough to save dollars. Don’t forget to even sign up to Chuck e Cheese. They will send you printable coupons each month. Don’t forget that they have unlimited/not-expiring printable coupons too. You can use those when you don’t have other ones.

Want to take your child or children to Chuck e Cheese? Not only they can eat something good, but they can play cool games and feel good. The coupons for April 2017 are ready:

Of course, don’t go there without the latest Chuck e cheese coupons 2017:

More coupons + Coupons for free Tokens:

Be back in May 2017 for more printable coupons. We update this page often (weekly, daily) to make you happy!

More coupons printable:

Chilis coupons

You should try Chilis. It is the best restaurant in the world.

Current Chilis coupons 2017:

Please be back on 1 May 2017 for more new coupons. Make sure to be here back in April 2017 for more coupons.

Chilis restaurant locator.


More coupons printable:

Quiznos coupons

There are hundreds of restaurants on the market, but we all love Quiznos, right? Or maybe Subway. But one thing is certain, you can’t go anywhere without the latest Quiznos coupons 2017 (for April):

  • Get $1 OFF Printable CouponExpires 04/30/17.  
  • Printable coupon: Free small sub with purchase printable coupon. Expires 04/30/17.
  • Also, like them on Facebok and get one small sub.
  • Sign up: you get $2 off once you join their club and many other offers/special offers.


Be back on 1 May 2017 for more printable coupons. We love you!

Quiznos restaurant locator.

More coupons printable:

Hometown buffet coupons

Looking for new Hometown Buffet coupons? Looking for kids eat for free coupons for Hometown Buffet? Looking for $3 off printable coupons? We have them all and we update weekly! This private restaurant was first founded in 1983, long long time ago. Altough it might seem small, they have around 40,000 employees all around the United States. They have over 600 restaurants all around the Unites States and probably counting. They might have one in your location, so hurry up and eat something. If you have kids, that’s even better, they always have new kids eat for free coupons with adults purchase. Not only Buffet has Hometown Buffet, but also Ryan’s, Old Country Buffet and even Fire Mountain.

I love eating at Hometown Buffet (or so called Old Country Buffet). Not only kids can eat for free here, from time to tme, but adults can feel super good too.

Don’t forget to take with you the latest Hometown buffet coupons 2017 for April:

Please be back in the future for more coupons. Be back in 2017 for more. New coupons are available/updated weekly.
More coupons printable:

Papa Johns promo code

Founded in 1984, Papa John’s is my favorite place to buy pizza from. I went to other locations too, but their have the best pizza I’ve  ever eat in my whole life. You might not know, but they have over 16,000 employees all around the world. If you want a job, it might be a cool place to start, mostly if you already have some experience in the field. They have over 2,600 locations all around the United States, so you might find one next to you. What I love the most about Papa Johns is that you can order online and they have a lot of coupon codes released almost weekly. Sometimes you can save up to 50% with their coupon codes alone. They have free shipping coupon codes too.

I love Papa Johns! The latest coupons for April 2017 are updated.

You need the latest Papa Johns promo codes from 2017. We only provide valid codes, but some codes are regional. Some expire before their expiration term.

  • Promo code: Use SAVE25 to get 25% off entire purchase with Papa Johns and VISA + Sign up for more coupon codes + Sign up to Papa Rewards to save up even more. Expires 04/30/17
  • Promo code: Use PEPSI25 to get 25% OFF discount at Papa Johns. Expires 04/30/17.  
  • Promo code: Use 999ewm  – get one large pizza for $9.99 with the code. Expires 04/30/17
  • Promo code:  Large Topping Pizza for $7 with this code CA699. Starts 6/9/12 
  • New promo code: CARDSWIN to get 40% off purchase.
  • New promo code: free large topping pizza with this promo code 25Papa
  • Free toppings: use promo code PIZZA3 and get free toppings with large pizza.
  • Printable coupon: Sign up and receive pizza offers directly on your email.

Papa Johns restaurant locator.

Be back in May 2017 for more Papa Johns coupons, promo codes and a lot more offers.

More coupons printable:

Ihop coupons

Looking for new $1/1 off Ihop coupons? Looking for kid’s eat for free coupons or senior discounts? We have all Ihop coupons possible! Founded in 1958, Ihop is one of the most visited restaurants in United States. Do you know they have over 1500 restaurants all around United States? They might have one restaurant in your city too. Do you know they have over 32,000 employees all around the United States. This means if you ever need a job and worked in a fast-food before, you can get yourself a nice job at Ihop. I love their Pancakes (got some free pancakes with Ihop Sign up too) and their breakfast mostly every morning if possible. They have lunch and toast too, and many other products you might be interested in. Don’t forget to sign up to Ihop and always search for new coupons and kids eat for free deals.

I love pancakes. I love the Pancake revolution. And I love, of course, the latest Ihop coupons March 2017:

Get up to 3 FREE Meals in 2016:
– you get a printable coupon at sign up (right away!)
– you get a nice printable coupon for free food on your birthday
– you get another (the third one) printable coupon for your one year anniversary with IHOP.
All you need is to sign up and get 3 Free Meals in 2017 at Ihop!

Complete an Ihop Survey and get a coupon.
– you need to save your receipt (from the last visit), use it and get free pancakes coupon. Leave comments if you get it.

Kids eat for free in select locations from time to time. Call your local restaurant to see if your kids can eat for free there.

Ihop restaurant locator.


More coupons printable:

Taco bell coupons printable

Founded in 1962, Taco Bell is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. Do you know almost 2 billion people eat at Taco Bell each year? It sounds crazy, but it seems it’s true. Do you know Taco Bell is friends with KFC? They even have restaurants close to each other. You might not know already, but the founder of Taco Bell was only 23 years old when founded this type of restaurant. You might not know, but Taco Bell has restaurants all around the world, in: Canada, Chile, China, Mexico, Poland and a lot of other countries. They also have restaurants on military basis around the world.

Here are the latest Taco bell coupons printable from March 2017:

Taco Bell store locator.

More coupons printable:

Baja fresh coupons

Looking to dine at Baja Fresh? Use these Baja Fresh coupons 2012 & codes during payment/checkout. Save money!

  • Sign Up at Baja Fresh club: You get a free Burrito for your birthday + free taco for sign up, as well many coupons/offers/etc. They send $5 off $15 coupons printable on email.
  • Haven’t seen printable coupons for Baja Fresh in about 2 months, but will update if I see.

Baja Fresh restaurant locator.

More coupons printable: