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Want new Hollister promo codes? Want new 20% off Hollister promo codes? Want 40% off Redlines codes? Want free shipping over $100? You got it! Launched in the year 2000, Hollister Co is the best store that I’ve ever been in. Do you know their target is 14-18 years old? Do you know they have around 578 stores all around the world? They have stores in United States, Italy, Germany, Austria and a lot of other countries. So, if you ever visit Germany, make sure you visit a Hollister Co store. Take your parents with you and shop. Here is one cool tip – before ordering something at Hollister, make sure you have the latest Hollister promo code.

Because I’m bored of Hollister promo codes that don’t actually work, here are the latest Hollister promo codes 2017 (for April) that work (yep, these codes work).

More ways to save at Hollister:
  • Sign up – You will get the latest coupons/offers via email. Just sign up to get the latest coupons! Probably the best way to save money in M ay in 2015 is to wait for the next coupon code or just sign up. You will be alerted in your email when the new coupon comes out. You should also get free shipping over $100 or for $100 orders.
  • No promo codes or coupon codes online now. But we have many codes for AE (American Eagle) ]
  • No Hollister free shipping code 2016 online yet, but they usually have free shipping over $50 from time to time. They have a $5 shipping from time to time! 

More deals/ideas:

  • Hollister clearance [ no coupon required, discount applied at checkout! ]
  • Free shipping –  have you ordered something online from Hollister in the last 60 days? If you do another order (add to that past order) you get free shipping. 

Be back on 1 May 2017 for more promo codes & printable coupons for Hollister. Be back in May 2017 too! We will make sure you are the first to know about the latest offers.

On another hand, here are more related coupons:



  1. Donnie Donna says

    @Maggie today and tomorrow probably they have free shipping for all orders. No code required! Also, they never had a 25-30% off coupon code these months, maybe 50% off for redlines, but nothing more. I suggest just use that free shipping today. Probably no new coupon code for today. Sorry! Hope it helps.

  2. Maggie says


    iM ordering jeans from hollister and wanted to know if you know any jean codes or like 25 or 30% off or something like that. Im probbly ordering like October 16th or 17th. Thanks for the help!:)

  3. Donnie Donna says

    Hi MILLA. The last Hollister promo code expired yesterday, but soon they might release a new one.

  4. brianna says

    heey looking for promo codes for hollister , abercrombie, and gilly hicks :) any help ? thanks sooo much <3

    From Donnie/Admin – no Hollister codes yet. Sorry!

  5. Donnie Donna says

    @erica for the moment there is no valid Hollister promo code available, neither for percent off or free shipping. There are only deals.

    But stay in touch, one should be available soon enough (around 7-15 August 2012). Hope this helps. They don’t have Hollister promo codes daily or weekly, but from time to time. The last one expired on 28 July 2012.

  6. erica says

    jist got myself,and daughter a couple hundred of stuff ready to go,looking for promo code,said it was here?? i need that have alot more school stuff.mainly clothes to get………where is promo code??

  7. Donnie Donna says

    @melissa At the moment no. But there should be another code soon (around 6 August or so).

  8. Sumeet says


    When will i be asked to enter the promo code in Hollister .

    I selected the items and selected checkout and gave my details. It asks me directly to enter card information and doesn’t prompt for coupon code or discount coupon..

    Am i missing something . how do i enter coupon code ?

  9. Donnie Donna says

    @LM pff.. I am sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know.

    Waiting for more feedback. Donnie,

  10. LM says

    4622689426025680 – already has been redeemed and no longer works. no other promo code i’ve found works, free shipping, % off redline, none work :-(. they are having $25 jean sale right now, tho.

  11. Donnie Donna says

    @Alaura Thanks a lot for your Hollister code. Maybe someone can tell us if the code 4622689426025680 works or not so we can feature it on the main page.

    Thanks and waiting for answers.

  12. Donnie Donna says

    Update: Besides the sign up free shipping code there is no Hollister free shipping code available (saw that you can get free shipping on $100+ orders too).

    Your friend, Donnie!

  13. Donnie Donna says

    It doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I will update the article.

    If you have a better idea how to get free shipping at Hollister, please let me know.

    31556 (25% off entire purchase) expired yesterday. I will update the code as soon it comes out.

  14. Donnie Donna says

    Just use the coupon code 33996 to save 25% off. Does it work? Today, 29 May 2012 is the last day to save money.

  15. sarah burke says

    Hey trying to order a swim suit from hollister the email thing didnt work? any ideas

  16. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

    I will update this article if I find any free shipping code in the near future (for Hollister).

    Let me know if I can help you out with more coupons or promo codes.


  17. sara says

    yea i got stuff from it its just the shipping makes it expensive and i signed up but it wont give me free shipping with my email sign up.. thanks anyways!

  18. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks for your comment again.

    What doesn’t work with the email thing?

    The 50% off Secret Sale at Hollister is great right now, as of today, 16 May 2012.

    Thanks a lot again!

  19. Donnie Donna says

    You get free shipping only if you sign up and get your first order online. No free shipping codes right now.

    No promo codes right now. The last one, 25% off expired already (yesterday or so).

    Here are 2 ways you can save money now:

    – clearance: http://hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Search?catalogId=11558&search-field=clearance&langId=-1&storeId=19158

    – Hollister secret sale: http://hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?parentCategoryId=86658&catalogId=11558&langId=-1&categoryId=86658&storeId=19158&topCategoryId=12551 (11 AM – 4 PM PST)

    Hope this helps!

  20. Donnie Donna says

    No discount at the moment. A 25% off site-wide discount just expired yesterday.

    I will update when I find something.

  21. Donnie Donna says

    Hello! Thanks for your comment. There are no codes for free shipping or any discount yet. I have to admit, I haven’t seen to many free shipping codes in a while.

    Have they sent you any email with your free shipping code? Or you can save 25% or so when they release the next coupon code (it should help).

    Be back here to see if the coupon codes are updated.

    Thanks a lot for your comment.

  22. Vicky says

    would there happen to be any codes for free shipping? I’ve signed up and created an account because I heard you can get free shipping on the first purchase.. however I don’t think that works because my shipping fee + tax already stands at $52 which is pricy :(

  23. Donnie Donna says

    Very Very happy for you.

    I am super happy when people are happy.

    Waiting for more comments.

  24. Annabelle says

    OMG IT WORKS!!! i did this on 5/8 lol it still hasn’t expired! thanks so much!

  25. Donnie Donna says

    For the moment there is no Hollister coupon available. I am so sorry.

    The only deal available right now (2 May 2012) is 50% off swimwear online at Hollister. No coupon/coupon code required. Only USA and Canada. Only online.

    But be back for more in the near future.

  26. Donnie Donna says

    I wish I could tell you I have that magic coupon code. Trust me, I wish. Besides offers, there are no coupon codes for Hollister at the moment.

    I found this coupon code 11032 for $10 off $50, but don’t know if it works for Hollister too (for the moment it works/worked at Abercrombie).

    If someone tests it, let me know.
    Be back tomorrow. Maybe they’ll update with new promo codes by then.

  27. Donnie Donna says

    Sorry about that.

    Probably the only way right now to get coupon codes for Hollister is to Sms PIER to 743722.

    Be back tomorrow, if they have new coupon codes (they usually do) I will post them in the morning.


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