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Looking for new Hometown Buffet coupons? Looking for kids eat for free coupons for Hometown Buffet? Looking for $3 off printable coupons? We have them all and we update weekly! This private restaurant was first founded in 1983, long long time ago. Altough it might seem small, they have around 40,000 employees all around the United States. They have over 600 restaurants all around the Unites States and probably counting. They might have one in your location, so hurry up and eat something. If you have kids, that’s even better, they always have new kids eat for free coupons with adults purchase. Not only Buffet has Hometown Buffet, but also Ryan’s, Old Country Buffet and even Fire Mountain.

I love eating at Hometown Buffet (or so called Old Country Buffet). Not only kids can eat for free here, from time to tme, but adults can feel super good too.

Don’t forget to take with you the latest Hometown buffet coupons 2017 for April:

Please be back in the future for more coupons. Be back in 2017 for more. New coupons are available/updated weekly.
More coupons printable:


  1. Donnie Donna says

    @Teresa Let me know if it works for you! Worked for me yesterday.

    If someone else makes this work, leave a comment here.


  2. Teresa says

    Thank you! I sent a text message to the number listed and got a text reply for by one get one! Hope it works! Thank you!

  3. Donnie Donna says

    @armand Thanks for your kind words.

    Hope you’ll be back in August for more coupons.

  4. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks Peter. Love your comment and feedback too.

    Thanks for your kind words. Waiting you back in the near future.

    Your friend, Donnie!

  5. Peter says

    Thank you for the printable coupon. And no – I wasn’t paid to write two sentences. I like coupons, and appreciate someone taking the time to share them.

  6. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks for your comment. I love feedback!

    The comments are not fabricated by ME. The comments are from real people, good or bad, like yours. You can’t say your comment if fabricated by me, right?

    I post printable coupons & promo codes for free. I try to help people as much I can.


  7. Public Citizen says

    Your blurb about “coupons” is bullshit. Your links are “pay-per-click” promos or products NOT related at all to HomeTown Buffet. And the subsequent comments are fabricated by YOU.. Get a life, you fucking crook !!

  8. Donnie Donna says

    @Dawn Kids eat free are my favorite too. Mostly because I have a very big family and these coupons help the most. Hope you are ok and you’ll be coming back soon. Thanks for your comment!

  9. Dawn says

    These coupons are great for the whole family. I will be coming back for more savings. I like the kids eat free the best.

  10. bill; says

    this web site is very cool I printed the coupons and the site works.
    I’ll be back for more coupons.

  11. Rosa says

    Probably (ah, better, for sure) my favorite place to eat. Why is that? I can go with my kids, being a single mother of 4 and never worry about them playing to much. And they have printable coupons for sure.
    And I love the fact they give printable coupons for free meals for kids. That’s awesome.

    Btw, they have a Senior Club Card program to give seniors offers. Perfect for my grandfather.

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