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Founded in 1962, Kohl’s is my favorite retail shop from all around the United States. If you are interested in buying all sorts of stuff from electronics, jewelry or even footwear (and many many more), Kohl’s should be your destination. Most of they times they have cool 15-20% off printable in-store coupons which you should use. Always search the web for the latest Kohl’s printable coupons before you shop. You can save a lot of money! Also, when you want to shop online make sure you have the latest discounts and the latest free shipping codes. There is no reason to pay dollars for shipping if you can find a free shipping code. Right?

Shopping for furniture? Apparel or even bathroom accessories? That’s why we have Kohls printable coupons 2017:

  • Print 25% OFF purchases in-store printable coupon. Expired 12/06/15.  
  • Promo code: Use CYBER20 to get 20% OFF online. Expired 12/03/14. Rolling!
  • Promo code: Use JEWELRY10 to get $10 off $50+ watch purchases online. Expired 12/18/14. Rolling!
  • Promo code: Use SAVEVS3 to save 10% off $75 with VISA card. Expired 12/31/13
  • Promo code: Use ENTERTAIN15 to save 15% off  $100+ entire purchase order online. Expired 12/31/13 (until December 2013) 
  • Promo code: Use ANSWERS15 to get 15% off $100+ entire purchase + 4% cash back (was 2%)Expired 1/31/13
More deals:
  • Free standard shipping for $75+ purchase. Rolling!
  • New code: SAVEVS3 10% off $75+ (only with your Visa)
  • No printable coupons, just Kohls promo codes at the moment.
  • Save 20%: Sign up to Mobile Kohls text alerts – TEXT SAVE01 to to KOHLS (or 56457) ROLLING.
  • Sign up – You save 5% off in store and 10% off online at your first purchase and lots of other deals.
  • Be back tomorrow for more Kohls promo codes. We update them daily, always.


Kohls store locator.

Be back in April 2017 for more printable coupons.

More coupons printable:


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