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Founded in 1858, Macy’s is my favorite store on the market. Yes, you heard me right. Do you know they have over 170,000 employees? So, if you ever need a job and you are good at selling, you might have a change to get a job at Macy’s. They also have the world largest store in United States. Do you know that in 2008 they turned 150 years old? Probably many many times my age. How crazy is that? So, if you ever need bedding, cosmetics, furniture or something similar, Macy’s should be your destination.

Do you want to buy mostly everything for a single store? Macy’s is a special store that has everything, but your experience would be more interesting with the latest Macys printable coupons. Just updated the ones for February 2016:

Be back soon! Be back on 1 March 2016 for more printable coupons. Be back in February 2016 too for more printable coupons.

Special deals/coupons:

  • Coupon code: Free shipping for $799+ mattress with this code MATTRESSES
  • Free shipping: free shipping in the beauty sector for $50+ orders. Expires 12/31/20

Promo codes:

  • Coupon code: 15% off 1 pair of shoes promo code SHOES . 30% off at 3 pairs. You will save up to $45+ buying shoes.

More coupons printable:


  1. Donnie Donna says

    @Linda C. Just went back from the city and read your comment. It made me super happy and proud in the same time. I don’t want this to sound complicated, but it makes me both proud and happy to have my readers happy. It makes me happy that you have spent your time writing this comment.

    Your feedback helped me a lot. It helped me to better understand my readers and the fact they don’t have to much time to waste on searching coupons. When I started this website I wanted exactly this – a fast website with coupon links only, no fluff content.

    Thanks again for your feedback.
    Your friend Donnie,

  2. Linda C. says

    Usually I remember to search for Macys printable coupons as I’m on my way out the door and take a few minutes to look for coupons. So I end up just going without coupons because I simply don’t have the time to fill out all the forms required by most of the other coupons sites. Some actually want my phone number!

    I love this site because it’s so easy to use, and the coupons I find here is where I always end up shopping simply because I’ll shop where I have coupons.

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