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Want new Mcdonalds coupons? Want new McCafe coupons? Want $1 off Coffee printable Mcdonalds coupons? Save money with the latest Mcdonalds coupons. Everyone living in the 21 century knows what Mcdonalds is. With around 33,000 locations world-wide, they have one of the biggest brand in the world. Do you know the first Mcdonalds was founded in 1940, in California? Do you know that you can find a Mcdonalds restaurant in 119 countries and counting? Do you know that 60 million people eat at Mcdonalds every month? Just kidding, 60 million people eat at Mcdonalds every DAY. Before 1993 they sold over 100 billion hamburgers world-wide. That’s something, right?

100 million people love Mcdonalds! You love Mcdonalds!
Here are active Mcdonalds coupons April 2017:

  • Halloween deal: New Treat pack coupons available in select stores (12 coupons available).
  • Get Lots of promotions available on their official website.
  • Free McCafe coupon instantly with sign upExpires 04/30/17. Going! 
  • Get Here In-store Coupons for Mcdonalds – Expires 04/30/17 [ some expire on 1 May 2017 ]
  • Spring Treat Coupon Booklet: for $1 you get: free hamburger coupon + free apple slices + vanilla cone for free and even more coupons. Ask your local Mcdonalds if participating.
  • Mcdonalds promotions – I love their promotions + store locator – Expires 04/30/17 
  • Mcdonalds promotions – Favorite Meal under 400 calories. Love it? Comment.
  • Mcdonalds Canada coupons –BOGO coupons + 2 can dine deal + and more depends on your city Expires 04/30/17
  • Tip – make sure you ask your local Mcdonalds about Halloween/Winter Booklet. They are super cheap and have plenty of printable coupons inside. Valid for Canada too!
  • Halloween Coupon Booklet for Mcdonalds – there are 12 printable coupons in it: small cones + apple slices + juice boxes all free. 4x each! The price is $1 and they are sold directly at Mcdonalds. Only $1 and you get 12 freebies/coupons for Mcdonalds. 
  • Mcdonalds Halloween Treat Packs – just $1.00 at your local Mcdonalds. You save a lot more with the Amex $5 off deal too. Expired 1/31/13
  • $1 off Coffee deal – Brewed coffee for $1 at Select Mcdonalds. No coupon required! Call your store before!
  • More Mcdonalds coupons on our Facebook page.
  • [ We have some Burger King coupons too ] 
  • Report card freebie – Free Happy Meal for one A at school.  😀 (call before to see if your local Mcdonalds is participating)
  • Mcdonalds Canada: Answer a survey and get many coupons printable: for fries, for salad, for soft drink and even more. Works at participating restaurants.
Be back in May 2017 for more coupons. We update weekly!

More deals:

  • Mcdonalds USA: Sign up fast. After that look into your mail or in the grocery ads for the latest $30 off Booklet from Mcdonalds. It has plenty of coupons like: Free Happy Meal, Free Oatmeal, Free medium Fries, Chicken McBites (you don’t even need to purchase something to get it), etc.
  • Mcdonalds USA: Filet – O – Fish for 99 cents starting 22 February 2012 (Rumor)
  • Seniors discount: 55 years or more? Call and see if you qualify for a discount at your Local Mcdonalds.


Good to know:

  • they don’t offer printable coupons too often. Most of the times they have in-store offers, so check it out at your local Mcdonalds.
  • Don’t know what to eat? See their Mcdonalds menu.


More coupons printable:


  1. Karen says

    We are seniors and don’t have the phones like the younger people do…….and there is no place to go to print out coupons. Not fair! I mean, we can’t just go buy phones to get coupons. Heavy sigh.

  2. Donnie Donna says

    @Christine thanks for your kind comment. They had a nice printable coupon until 31 July, but it expired..

  3. Christine says

    I love the frozen strawberry lemonade and my daughter had FINALLY found something she enjoys, (picky eater!), the chicken selects! Just wish there were more coupons available.

  4. Donnie Donna says

    @Shiba their last good offer was the BOGO that ended on 31 July 2012. Now they have a good deal with the Olympics that expires somewhere on 15 August 2012.


  5. Cleo Bayless says

    I can’t get to printable coupons!! The site always wants me to sign up for coupons from all sorts of business’
    of which I don’t want to participater with!! Must be a scam here somewhere.

  6. Donnie Donna says

    @BILLY LAI the only Mcdonalds coupon right now is for Fruit Smoothie.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  7. Donnie Donna says

    I really understand you. It does say there (where you can print the coupon) that this coupon is only valid at participating restaurants.

    I’m going to look if they have a list with participating restaurants and hopefully to help you out.

    P.S. I’m really sure you’ll go to Mcdonalds again. We all love their food, and from time to time we must go there. Am I right?

  8. Barb Harrison says

    I received a coupon for free cherry berry chiller but when I tried to use it at 2 different McDonalds they told me that they are not “participating” and were quite unkind. They said I would have to find out which McDonalds were participating but they didn’t know and quite nasty for me even asking.

    I tried to find out but there doesn’t seem to be any place to do so. Why does McDonalds send out coupons which only frustrate possible customers. Obviously I and others will not go to McDonalds if this is the service they offer.

  9. Lori says

    Loved the Frozen Lemonade from Mcdonalds.

    I just love Mcdonalds. I wish they had more printable coupons, but I’m cool with all other offers too.

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