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Looking for new Tracfone promo codes? Looking for 60 minutes Tracfone promo codes? Or 30 bonus Tracfone promo codes? We got them all! Founded in 1996, Tracfone Wireless is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. With only around 400 employees, Tracfone is making my life a lot happier. As you know already, they are a prepaid cell phone company. Do you know they first started in Florida? In Miami? Probably one of the best things about Tracfone is that you can buy minutes with coupon codes and get a lot more minutes than you originally paid for. This is why I choose Tracfone and never thought about other companies offering similar services. So, before buying any Tracfone minutes, make sure you have the latest coupon codes available on the market. You might save a lot of money just by having a new coupon codes or more.

We had super success with our old Tracfone promo codes 2017 for April (we update montly) article, so we decided to create another one, but with more codes:

New deals: Tracfone 1 Year of Service & 400 minutes for $84.99 (save 15%) + Tracfone LG800G 1200 minutes + Triple Minutes for Life just $79.99 (save 20%)

  • 12745 (works!) or 52464 or 71287 or 84464  this one gives you 60 / 30 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards. Works!
  • 55698 – this code is for 20 bonus minutes for 60/90 minutes cards. Works!
  • 17321 or 72454 or 70583 or 93729 – this code is only 250 bonus minutes for 1 year / 400 minutes cards. Works!
  • 66969 or 66857 or 90628 – this one gives you 50 bonus minutes – 200 minutes cards.
  • 40020 – this one gives you 20 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards.
  • 28805 – 20 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards.
  • 53288 or 72505 or 70479 – this code should give you 250 bonus minutes with 400+/450 minutes purchase.
  • 17286 or 79679 or 82229 or 18137 – this code should give 40 bonus minutes for 120 minutes cards.
  • 78253 this one should give you 250 bonus minutes – with 1 year card.
  • 77578 this one gives you 100 bonus minutes for 120+ minutes cards. We received over  20+ comments that this code works on various Tracfone mobile phones, so use it wisely. You can use multiple times too. Expires 03/31/17
  • 79163 – only 20 bonus minutes, only for 60 minutes cards. I really love the code. One friend of mine got 80 bonus minutes with it. Expires 03/31/17
  • 66229 – 10 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards. Let me know if it works.
  • 94074 – gives you 60 minutes on 120 minutes cards or even bigger cards. 
  • 70826 you should get 60 bonus minutes for 120 minutes cards.
  • 66836 – might get 60 minutes on 120 cards.
  • 78349  you should get 60 bonus minutes for 200 minutes cards.
  • We have a lot more  Tracfone codes on our Facebook wall.
  • 86077 – get 350 bonus minutes with 1 year + 400 minutes card. Some got 250 bonus minutes, some got 350 bonus minutes.
  • 16067 – get 250 bonus minutes for the 400 minutes cards or more. 
  • 92072  get 200 bonus minutes for one year cards for 400 minutes. 
  • 99908 should give you 100 bonus minutes on 400 minutes cards and even more. Expires 04/30/17


Don’t forget to leave us comments if codes work or not for you. Good or bad, we love your feedback. Be back in May 2017 for more Tracfone codes, freebies and a lot of deals. We post something new each week.

In the meantime, if you want to read over 150+ comments, read our old Tracfone promo codes for 2017.

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  1. Lynn says

    July 25,2016 66969 works,this one gives you 50 bonus minutes – 200 minutes cards.

  2. Valerie Amato says

    I tried 77578 and 94074 to use on a 120 min. card, and both were expired. I switched to 12745, which I found on a different site. Jackpot! This code got me 180 bonus minutes, a record for me! A total of 300 minutes on a 120 minute card!

  3. cbskywarn says

    12745 Worked with a 60 minute card. Thank you for all that you do and don’t let the negative comments get to you for your free service!

  4. Cam says

    Just loaded a 120 minute card to my phone, had four (4) promo codes all showing 60 minute bonuses. I get more than one code ready just in case one (1) doesn’t work. Had to call customer service because promo codes didn’t work, was told that all codes were not Tracfone recognized promo codes – 79679, 94074, 70826, 66836. Not happy with this site

  5. Valerie says

    May 7, 2015 The following codes were all expired and rejected: 79679,77578,66836,70826. HOWEVER today with a 120 minute card code 12745 gave me an additional 60 minutes!! Jackpot!

  6. Kathy Franklin says


    Promo Code 32106 for 60 bonus mins worked w/ 120 min card.

    Promo Code 60860 for 40 bonus mins w/ 120 min card on 2nd fone.

    Promo Code 32102, 74316 didn’t work.

    I tried getting bonus mins when I put in my minutes myself but, had to call Tracfone 800#. Usually, if I can’t get bonus code to go through I call tracfone and they will put my code through. Above code is the longest time I’ve ever received. Use landline to call tracfone cause it takes at least 10 mins to get bonus. Which that’s minutes lost if u use your tracfone. 😉

  7. Kathy Franklin says


    For 120 Min card-this 40 bonus mins code worked 60860
    And these didn’t-32102 & 74316.
    Hope this helps.

  8. Donna says

    For the second time I’ve tried adding airtime with a promo code and been seriously disappointed. This particular time I used code 84464 with a 60 minute card purchased. Didn’t accept my code and said to contact their customer service. When I talked to customer service they were lacking in easy to understand English and said the Pin number I used with the promo had expired.

    I’m utterly disgusted and will drop them like a bad habit. You get what you pay for obviously and this isn’t worth my time or effort. I’m going to switch to Straight Talk which is more reliable and not as dishonest as tracfone. I’ve never seen such a worthless and poor quality product like tracfone and plan to let as many people as possible know what a scam they are.

    Save your money and avoid the hassle you get with tracfone. Waste of time and money.

  9. Jim Harmor says

    77578 said call the customer service center. called & they said it expired and they wouldn’t let me use another code. aalso took 10 minutes of airtim to rxtract thqt information.

  10. Scott says

    70479 and 16067 did not work for me 2-17-2013
    I had to call customer service on the first one.
    The Rep said the first one was for a 1 year card, no details on the second.

  11. Wilma says

    wilma says;


    try codes 77578 & 94074 did not work for me. said they had expired. but used 74316 and it worked. got 60 bonus min. on 120 min. card. Thanks for the help!

  12. Agatha says

    Tried both 84341 and 84464 and both were expired. Tried the promo code Tracfone sent me in their panicked email warning me that my end of service date was in a few days and it (79163) was also expired. Finally had luck with 40020; got 20 free minutes.

  13. Rock_Guy says

    This code 55698 worked for me on 9 Jan 2013. Gave me 20 bonus minutes on my 60 minutes cards.
    This code 70479 worked for me on 9 Jan 2013. Gave me 250 bonus minutes on 400 minutes+ card.

    Thanks Bonnie!

  14. Donnie Donna says

    @jim Your phone is totally right and here’s why:

    You bought a 450 minutes cards and your phone tripled your minutes, so you got: 450×3 minutes = 1350.

    You got an initial 20 bonus minutes, so you now should have: 1350+20 = 1370 minutes.

    You got a 100 minutes bonus with the code 77578: 1370+100 = 1470 minutes.

    The triple minutes for life phones won’t triple the final amount of minutes + bonus minutes, but the minutes cards you initially buy (so the 450 minutes you bought will get 450×3). After that Tracfone will add the initial 20 bonus minutes + 100 bonus minutes from the code you put in.

    Makes sense?

  15. jim says

    Am I seeing things? Just now, 12-28-12 early morning, I added minutes to my tracfone for the first time ever. 450 min card + the 20 min from phone activation. It’s a TMFL phone, but the total’s never tripled on the phone screen, right???

    77578 + 450 min card PIN = 1,450 minutes added. I did it through Tracfone online, and that’s what the screen said. MY PHONE NOW SAYS 1470 MINUTES! 450 min card w/ TMFL + 77578 = 4,350 actual minutes??!!

    If I’m not confused… FYI – somewhere I saw that 77578 expires on 12-31-12.

  16. Bob Hollis says

    On December 20, 2012 I used code # 77578 when adding a 200 minute card to my Tracfone and received 100 bonus minutes on top of my Double Minutes for Life benefit for a total of 500 minutes. Thanks for information about this bonus code number.

  17. Ed Deming says

    I get double minutes anyway and with the litle booklet they send you I would have only gotten 30 extra minutes when buying 200 but by using the December code 77578 I got 100 extra minutes for a total of 500 instead of 430. Thank you very much for the information. You can bet I’ll be back to the site next time I need minutes. My friends need to know about this site too.

  18. AMarie says

    I just used the 79163 (10/11/12) – hey that’s a fun date! ;)…and it still worked. Only got the 20 extra minutes with the double though.

  19. Nicole says

    This site is great! I wanted to let you know that I used a code today that I got directly from the Tracfone website- its supposed to be good until October 17th.

    Code: 65406 goes with the 1 year 400 minutes card. Tracfone says you will get 200 extra minutes, but when I used it I ended up with 300 EXTRA minutes! For a total (with double minutes for life) of 1,100 minutes for a year. I used the code twice for two different phones and I got 300 minutes each time. :-) Nice! I’d like to note that I did buy it from Tracfone’s website. Just FYI. :-)

  20. Donnie Donna says

    @Stan Thanks for your comment! I will update this article today. Thanks again for your comment!

    Thanks for the new code 89592 – 50 bonus minutes for 200 or 200+ minutes cards.


  21. Stan says

    Tracfone por-mo #78349 is no longer good : (
    code # 89592 is still working , as of 11:00am 9/25/12
    Thank you!

  22. Rose says

    I just went on Tracfone site to order 60 min. Used 67867 and was told this code is expired. Going to buy the 120 min and see if 77578 will work. Thanks for all the codes. They really help.

  23. Constable Odo says

    I tried two codes at the Tracfone site, 77578 and 74316 were said to be expired. I used 94074 and it worked. I have a triple minutes Samsung T404G. With triple minutes plus bonus and 120 min card I got a total of 420 minutes which is great. Thanks a lot.

  24. Sylvia says

    I am happy, I just used the 100 bonus min. on 200 minute card and got 500 minutes. Thanks!!! : -)

  25. Amy says

    Hi there

    I just bought a 450 minute card? Anyone have a promo code for something better than 100 extra minutes? I have one 99908 but was hoping for more. Thanks;)

  26. Quinn says

    17Aug12-. . .77578- 100 mins for 200 min card– did not work a 2nd time [, first use in June’]2

  27. Dave says

    I used promo code 67861thinking I would receive 60 bonus minutes on top of 120 (double 60, since I already have double min for life), but I received 120 min with no bonus. The last time i used this site, I received 180 min. Very disappointing.

  28. Lawrence says

    Just used Promo Code 77578 to purchase a 200 Minute Card and, with double minutes, got 500 Total Minutes.

    Great deal (under $.09 per minute), considering the standard Tracfone code this month is only 40 Bonus Minutes. Probably the best cent per minute rate you can find with Tracfone.

  29. guavaman says

    I have used 67861 several times. Tried to use it again today and it was not accepted because I had used it the maximum number of times. I tried 94883 and that did not work for me. Please note that If you add minutes online through the Tracfone website, you get three tries to enter a valid promo code. If you enter 3 invalid codes you will get the basic minutes (plus double min if you have a DMFL phone) but no bonus minutes.

  30. Donnie Donna says

    @ted-c Thank you for visiting our website and saving money! It’s a pleasure to read such wonderful comments in the morning.

  31. ted-c says

    Just used promo code 67861 and got 60 extra minutes on a 60minute card on my DM plan. THANK YOU:)

  32. apollo says

    I just used PROMO code 67861 for a 60 minute card, and it credited my motorola phone with a total of 260 minutes!!! That code rocks BABY!!!!!!!!!

  33. Donnie Donna says

    @Jingle Thanks so much for your comment and for reading this blog.

    @Marilyn Thanks for much for being our fan! Thanks so much for commenting here. Keep it going. Hope you’ll be back soon.

    Thanks a lot!
    Your friend, Donnie!

  34. Marilyn says

    I just received these codes in the mail, good until 8/31/12:
    120 min. card promo code 28355 – 30 bonus minutes;
    200 min. card promo code 88064 – 40 bonus minutes;
    450 min. card promo code 60377 – 60 bonus minutes;
    1 year (400 min.) card promo code 73475 – 250 bonus minutes

  35. Jingle says

    86077 gave me 250 bonus minutes. Plus I already had a Double Minute phone. In total, out of a 400 minute 1 year card, I got 650 bonus minutes. Now I just need to invest in a triple minute phone. Hard to believe Tracfone offers those now. Would pay for itself very fast. I’ll wait a while though because I think there’s a good chance they might offer a card in a few months or so that gives you triple minutes for life. Thanks so much for the promo codes!!

  36. Ace says

    Got a total of 300 mins. this Code Works Great – 94074 – this one gives you 60 bonus minutes on 120 minutes cards. I did copy and paste and it didn’t work… When i typed it in it worked fine food for thought lol.

  37. Donnie Donna says

    @Ace I think I can help you out. Try this code 77578 for 120 minutes. Or this one 19533 (gives you 30 minutes bonus). Or this 68474.

    Let me know if they work.

  38. Ace says

    94074 – this one gives you 60 bonus minutes on 120 minutes cards. But when i tried It says expired.Can someone help thanks.

  39. Donnie Donna says

    @sg Have you used the code in the past too? From the reader comments, it seems you can use the code multiple times until it’s invalid. Hope it works for you, if not, choose another code at the next transaction.

    Thanks and waiting for more comments for you. Hope it all works well.

  40. sg says

    Tried 67861 promo code on a 60 minute card. It has been nearly an hour and nothing yet. Hope it works.If it doesn’t I will write again.

  41. Lois says

    94883 – this one gives you 30 bonus minutes for 60 minutes cards…Worked for me Thank you. July 7 2012

  42. Donnie Donna says

    @pynkpanther Thanks for your feedback. Super happy you saved money.

    Hope you’ll be back soon!


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