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Looking for new Redbox promo codes? Looking for Free rental promo codes? Video Rentals promo codes? Looking for $1 off Redbox promo codes? We got them all! Founded in 2002, about 10 years ago, Redbox has around 31,000 kiosks all around United States. Do you know that Redbox was funded by Mcdonalds first? I never knew this, but it sounds awesome. Mcdonalds not only changed the way we eat, but also the way we rent/find movies all around the United States. From 2010 they also started to rent Blue-Ray movies and in October they also started to rent video games, but you might already know this. All in all, Redbox changed the way we rent video games, blue-ray and movies all around the world. Before even finding a local kiosk make sure you have new coupon codes with you.

New RedBox promo codes March 2015:

  • SMS DEALS to 727272 in order to get daily discounts. Expired 03/02/15
  • Use the code happynewyear to get a free rental (only in Kroger stores). Expired 01/15/15
  • Get 50 cents OFF for the 1st day rentalExpires 03/31/15
  • Sign up and get a FREE movie nightExpires 03/31/15
  • Don’t forget to FOLLOW Redbox on Instagram for New promo codes.
  • Get $0.50 OFF for certain movies at Redbox. Still works!
  • Free RedBox code – BREAKROOM or DVDONME or MCPC413S (works at kiosk only, not online)
  • RedBox promo code – DVDONME (perfect in March 2015). Expires 03/31/15
  • New code – MOVIETIME (just updated).  
  • New code – ALLYOU (just updated – should give $1 off 2 rentals)
  • See more Redbox promo code on our Facebook page.
  • Sms/Text REDBOX to 727272 to get new freebies, deals and coupons from Redbox.
  • Walgreens RedBox promo code – WALGREENS or DVDATWAG Expires 03/31/15
  • Nice RedBox promo code – REDBOX (for new customers only – works on 29 November 2013)
  • Another code – HOTDAWG (this seems to work, try it out) Expires 03/31/15
  • Another code – DVDATSONI (some say this works at Sonic Drive)
  • New RedBox promo code – DVDATMAC (I’ve used it at Mcdonalds in Los Angeles. Let me know if it works elsewhere)
  • New RedBox promo code – RENT225 (I’ve used it at Walgreens, but I guess it works everywhere)
  • Free Movie Rental code – DVDATKROGER (Some say it works on Kroger only, comment if it works)
  • Free Movie code – REDBOXHEB (I’ve used it at Heb, but it might work at Kroger too)
  • First time Rental code for RedBox – DVDONUS (leave a comment here if it doesn’t work everywhere)
  • New RedBox code – DRIVEIN (I’ve never used it before, some say it works only at Sonic)
  • New code – WRX2JN5R - 35% off entire purchase/order. Unlimited uses. Expired 12/31/12
  • New code – TH56ZHVX 25% off entire purchase/order. Unlimited uses. Expired 12/31/12
  • We update this ongoing list with new RedBox promo codes every single day. Read the comments for more codes.
Be back in 2015 for more Redbox promo codes. We monitor everthing in order to make sure all the codes are available to you.

More RedBox deals & offers:

  • Get a free rental movie night. It works like this – you rent one movie online (paid) and then you get one free rental credit. It should only work for new customers, so if you already are a customer, it won’t work for you. It’s only for new Redbox accounts, not for old ones. They have new movies now, like: Hunger Games, Dictator and more movies.
  • Get a free Movie Night.
  • Just Sign up[ or SMS/text SIGNUP to 727272 ; If you want to stop SMS/text STOP to 727272]
  • Get new RedBox $1 off coupon with Like.  
  • Don’t forget – You need to return movies before 9pm to avoid paying more money.

Leave me a comment with codes that work or doesn’t. If you find another Redbox promo codes, comment!

More coupons:

Our readers wrote

  1. None of these worked for me in Columbus Ohio.
    I guess they were all meant for last year. :(

  2. Donnie Donna says:

    @Deb Thanks! Hope they are not one time use codes. Thank a lot! Hope to get more comments from you soon.

  3. Use code NWGG5RMR when renting The Avengers thru 10/22/12 for 10% off your first rental day.

  4. Use code V23W3ZXJ when renting NBA 2K13 use between 10/17/12 and 10/19/12 for 20% off your first rental day.

  5. use redbox promo code 3ZG6VGKW for 15% off your total online purchase through 10/15!

  6. Thanks. For codes gonna try them I found one breakdown supposed to work everywhere. If anyone find any for 7-11 please let me know thanks

  7. BREAKROOM worked for me at Kroger in middle GA on 10/02/12

  8. The Verizon FIOS/Redbox does not work. I have a valid address and never received an option to take a quiz. Stop posting ….

  9. i have used over 50 promo codes

  10. Donnie Donna says:

    @kristy Most of the Redbox promo codes are regional or work once per credit card.

  11. None of the codes worked for me anywhere. Starting to hate redbox and all these bad codes.

  12. Donnie Donna says:

    @Jayden Thanks for your feedback. Will update the article.

    Hope you will be back soon!

  13. Okay, y’all. RENTONME, HOTDAWG, and DATE225 didn’t work. Sorry.

  14. DVDONME and BREAKROOM work. TRYUS also works for a game. SCREEN to 727272 expired on the 16th of July, 2012.

    Thanks for all of the codes, y’all. Going to try RENTONME, HOTDAWG, and DATE225 tonight! I’ll let y’all know if they work!

  15. Donnie Donna says:

    @Mer Use this code JR3WNKM to save 50 cents on movies online until 22 July 2012. Let me know if it works!




  17. Donnie Donna says:

    @Damon Thanks for your comment. Always makes me happy to start my day with comments like yours.

    Thanks for your feedback and hope you’ll be back with more comments/ideas in the near future.


  18. Awesome! Thank you for the list of freebies. I rent movies from Redbox a lot, and it’s so awesome getting a free rental every once in a while. I use the codes to rent movies for my kids since they don’t really care to have the latest movies just as long as they get a cartoon they like. I use Blockbuster @Home because they have newer movies a month sooner than Redbox. I prefer to know what happens in the movie instead of having someone ruin the ending for me. As soon as I get off from work at Dish tomorrow, I’ll be sure to stop by a Redbox and use one of the codes!

  19. Donnie Donna says:

    @kristie the sms thing expired (I guess yesterday). I have updated everything. If you find a non-working code, please let me know to update this article again. Hope you will be back.

    Thanks a lot for reading!

  20. i tried the sms thing and it said that it didnt recognize my txt

  21. Donnie Donna says:

    @Jami Thanks for your feedback. Super happy for your feedback.

    Your friend, Donnie!

  22. Breakroom worked at a CVS. Tried DVDONUS first and it did not work

  23. Donnie Donna says:

    @Cassandra thanks a lot for your feedback. I am very happy that you mentioned that the code works. Hope you’ll be back soon.

    @Michelle very happy for you and thanks for sharing. Hope you’ll be back soon and be happy!


  24. Cassandra says:

    BREAKROOM works. You get a free movie!

  25. Michelle says:

    love love love the sharing! thanks so much for posting these

    i know for sure that dvdonme works anywhere, but only once per card unless they send it to you more than once (which proves they keep them on record for only so long because I have used it 3 times but months apart)

    bout to go see about another rental!

    Thanks again everybody!

  26. Donnie Donna says:

    @Jeskarwr Thanks a lot for your feedback. So most Redbox coupon codes work one time/per card.

    Looking for even more feedback!

  27. Jeskarwr says:

    All of them works I have tried them ALL. But you can only use them once per credit card. If you want to use them again, you have to use a different credit card.

  28. Donnie Donna says:

    @rich I am pretty sure you can use it just once/credit card.

  29. breakroom works in athens ,al. what i want to know is, can you only use this code once o,r once a day or ,once a month?

  30. Kylee Kay says:

    Texting SCREEN worked for me I got a code and it worked at Walmart but I dont know if works any where else?

  31. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks all for reading us and commenting here. It’s a pleasure.

  32. Wray Ludington says:

    BREAKROOM worked for me at Walgreen’s on 6/16/12.

  33. Dvdonus didn’t work for me but breakroom did!

  34. Donnie Donna says:

    @Joyful101 Thanks for the code.

    Thanks for your help and hope you’ll be back fast.

  35. Joyful101 says:

    Hey found a code but don’t know if it works yet!
    DATE225 it’s suppose to work everywhere.

  36. Donnie Donna says:

    The codes in the article or the SMS number? Please let me know so I can further update the article.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  37. kimberly k says:

    It doesnt work

  38. Donnie Donna says:

    Sms DEALS to 727272 for more Redbox promo codes.
    Waiting for more of your comments.

  39. Donnie Donna says:

    Good job. I love when my readers are happy.

    I will post more Redbox promo codes today. If you have more codes, comment here.

  40. i have tried dvdonme and breakroom and dvdatwag and they all work.

  41. Donnie Donna says:

    @kevin thanks for your comment. So dvdatwag works. Have you tried BREAKROOM too? I will post more codes later today.

    @Staar Johnson thanks! Thanks a lot for your comment.

  42. Staar Johnson says:

    BREAKROOM worked for me @ Ralphs Kroger in Los Angeles. Thanks for the post of codes

  43. The only redbox code that has worked for me recently 4/15/12 was dvdatwag at a walgreens store. Redbox has been denying all other codes I’ve tried. If you know any good ones that work after 4/23/12, let me know.

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