Tracfone promo codes

New Tracfone promo codes for 2014 (for August). Just updated again:

  • Tracfone promo code – 84464 (you get 30 bonus minutes/for 60+ minutes cards). Buy 60 minutes and get 180 minutes if you have double minutes for life (or DMFL). Works for you?
  • Tracfone promo code – 70166 (you get 30 bonus minutes/for 60+ minutes cards). Buy 60 minutes and get 180 minutes if you have double minutes for life (or DMFL). Works for you?
  • Latest Tracfone dealBuy 1 Year Tracfone card + 400 bonus minutes. Use code 86077 to get another 250 bonus minutes. That should be super cool.
  • Code77578 (do you have one 200+ minutes card? Get 100 bonus minutes with this code) If 77578 doesn’t work, try 78254 with a 200+ minutes card. Gives you 120 minutes bonus. Leave a comment if this works. If none works, use this code 37617 to get 80 free minutes with 200+ minutes purchase.
  • New code – 79163 (use it to get 20 bonus minutes for your 60+ minutes purchase. Works on 60 minutes cards or more)
  • Good Tracfone promo code – 94074 (get another 60 free bonus minutes on 120+/200 minutes cards. Leave a comment if this one works)
  • Fantastic Tracfone promo code – 78254 (super cool deal – 120 bonus minutes on 120+ minutes cards or 200 minutes cards. Leave a comment if the deal is still on)
  • New code – 99908 (use it and get 100 bonus minutes with 400/450+ minutes purchase). Awesome, right?
  • New code – 97456 (20 bonus minutes with 60+ min card)
  • New code – 37617 (80 free minutes with 200+ minutes purchase)
  • New Tracfone code – 19533 (use it to get 30 bonus minutes on 120 minutes cards)
  • New code – 98456 (use this to get 40 bonus minutes – does not work with 60 minute card, probably with more)
  • New Tracfone promo code – 94883 (you get 30 bonus minutes, but only to a 60 minutes card. Leave a comment if you plan to use it or the location where it works)
  • Code: 81898 (use this code to get 80 minutes for one 200+ minutes card. Does it work for you?)
  • Code: 68474 (you get 30 bonus minutes with 120 minutes card)
  • Code: 21480 (get one 1 year minutes card and get 300 bonus minutes. Do you have Double minutes for life?)
  • Code: 70826 (get 60 bonus minutes if you have one 120+ minutes card)
  • [ New Tracfone promo codes ]

We will update this articles daily along 2014. Please leave a comment if you know more deals, or used a good deal around here.

Secret – codes are not telephone specific. It doesn’t matter what mobile phone you have in order to use the codes above.


Best deals:

  1. For 200+ minutes cards: 77578  (get 100+ bonutes minutes on 200+ minutes cards). Or use 78254. Or use 37617.
  2. For 60+ minutes cards: 67861 or 79163 (works the best. Also for 200+ minutes cards)
  3. For 400+ minutes cards: 99908 (get 100 bonus minutes – if you have double minutes for life you still get 100 bonus minutes, no more). Or use 86077 to get another 250 bonus minutes.
  4. For 400+ minutes cards: 32563 Get one year 400 minutes card and get 200 bonus minutes (even if you have double minutes for life)
  5. For 120+ minutes cards: 19533 (get 30+ bonus minutes. Have double minutes for life? Get 60+ bonus minutes)
More promo codes:

Our readers wrote

  1. Tried 84341 but that was expired. Tried 40020 and that worked for me.

  2. Donnie Donna says:

    @Steve You can’t use the promo codes in your situation.

  3. I bought LG800g(TMFL) and 120 card from Walmart store. None of my purchases are online. I have never registered online. Can I still get the promo codes to work?

  4. Love your site. I’ve found it to be both one of the easiest to negotiate and one of the most reliable when it comes to finding viable promo codes for my phone. I’ve got ot bookmarked on my computer and plan on using it whenever I add minutes to my phone. Thank you!

  5. Donnie Donna says:

    @Marilyn thanks again for your comment. Thanks for being back to our website. It seems it’s out of stock now (or more expensive). Be back when you have the time with more good comments.

    Your friend, Donnie!

  6. Just bought a 1 year card through Amazon for $75. Only 5 left in their inventory.

  7. Yea! got my 30 bonus mins on a 120 minute card..used code 19533
    Thanks for the hook up as of 07/05/12

  8. Marilyn says:

    Promo code 86077 is good until 8/2/12 according to an email I just received. My one year card gave me 1050 minutes on my double minutes phone.

  9. Called about promo code 86077. The text message sent to my phone was to get one year of service and 1050 minutes and the offer expires 6/30. When I called aboutt this, they said the offer expired April 30. It’s in black and white on my phone and the text came from them?? They would not honor their own advertisment which they sent. He checked with his supervisor and all they could do was apologize and tell me to watch for more promos. Sounds like false advertising. Why would I trust anything they send or say?
    Not too good of customer service and not sure I want to continue to do business with them.

  10. Used the code 67861 on June 19 to get bonus 60 minutes on a 60 minutes card ($20). Have LG800 with triple minutes, so end up with 240 minutes total. Not bad on a $20 card, and 90 day service :)


  11. On a phone with double minutes for life, used promo code 67861 along with a 60 minute card code for 180 total minutes. Thanks. June 17 2012

  12. 77578 on 200 min card worked. 78254 didn’t work – was told by customer service that it was only good for year service card – not pay as you go.

  13. I used 77578 at 7:10PM on June 12 2012 and got a total of 500 minutes – I purchased a 200 minute card (can’t get my damn double minutes card to work), but used the promo code listed here and got an additional 300 minutes ((200 paid + 300 free = 500 added))

  14. I used promo code 86077 with a 1 year 400 min. card on a triple minute phone and actually received 350 bonus min + the 1200 on the triple min. phone for a total of 1550 min. & 365 days.

  15. Ryan Collins says:

    Still getting 60 bonus min. with code 67861. Second use, very happy with the outcome. Thanks, you are doing a great thing here.- Ryan

  16. I bought a 120 minute card, used #78254, and the tracfone website said no good for this card.
    I then tried #67861, and with my DMFL fone this gave me 300 extra minutes.
    But I also got the “call the Customer Care Center to “complete the transaction” message.

  17. New_Tracfone_user says:

    Hello all,
    I’m new to this prepaid tracfone world. CAn someone please help me what best offer can I get , on what website , on what phone?? My friend suggested LG 800G – 1200minutes (triple minutes lifetime) from amazon which costs around $100 with shipping. I can see few codes above but dont know if I can apply them and how and where to apply.
    Please guide me as your expertise will show me the best deal in the market today (phone+minutes+ code bonus minutes).
    Thanks in advance

  18. fyi: 6/8/12 Promo 78254 will NOT work on 120+; Tracfone says it is for a 1 YEAR CARD ONLY

  19. 78254 = txt message that told me to call the Customer Care Center to “complete the transaction”.

    200m card; this is the ONLY time I’ve ever seen this message and I use promo codes every time I add minutes.

  20. Donnie Donna says:

    Let’s make a resume, please answer this questions about codes (so we can update which one works or not):
    – 77578 does it work? (gives 100 bonus on 200 minutes cards)
    – 79163 does it work? (gives 20 bonus minutes on 60 minutes cards)
    – 99908 does this work? (gives 100 bonus minutes on 400 minutes cards)
    – 94883 does this work? (gives 30 bonus minutes on 60 minutes cards)
    – 94074 does it work? (gives 60 bonus minutes on 120 minutes cards)

    Please answer if you use some code so we can update this article fast and more accurate!!

    @Marilyn hey! I am very happy you read our blog so often. I am sure the 400 minutes Tracfone is so expensive right now, but hope it will get better soon.

    @Synthia I am very happy for you. Keep visiting our website in the future for more codes.

    @Robyn Thanks for visiting my website! It feels great helping people. You know, every time I get a comment it feels great. Please be back soon with more feedback/comments. I would love to read, and our readers, of course.

    @He, @Bilbo Baggins Thanks for your feedback. So 94883 gives 30 bonus minutes on 60 minutes cards. Please confirm this if you are reading (whoever you are).

    @Ivan W Very happy for your feedback. Sorry I answer so late, but it took me a while to find a way to optimize this article to load fast with many comments, so that everyone could find the codes and find more help in our reader comments. So this code 77578 gives 100 bonus minutes on 200 minutes cards. Very good!

    @Tatia @debbie So this code 94074 works too. Gives 60 bonus minutes on 120+ minutes cards. Please confirm this whoever you are.

  21. None of the following worked for me:
    Code: 77578 (do you have one 200+ minutes card? Get 100 bonus minutes with this code)
    78254 with a 200+ minutes card. Gives you 120 minutes bonus.
    37617 to get 80 free minutes with 200+ minutes purchase.

    67861 DID work. Thanks for keeping this site going, I always stop here before adding minutes.

  22. code 94883 still worked on 60-minute card for 30 bonus minutes this morning. 6/7/12.

  23. Just used code 77578 for xtra 100 min on 200 min card. Thanx so much-it worked great. Code 78254 for 120 min didn’t work.

  24. Bilbo Baggins says:

    94883 code for 60 minute purchase worked fine on 6/6/12….Thanks!

  25. Ang Campbell says:

    67861 (you get 60 bonus minutes/for 60+ minutes cards) worked great for me just now! Thank you!

  26. Code 78254 didn’t work for my 120 min card, BUT code 94074 did work! Triple minutes for life phone, so total of 420 min :-)

  27. i could not get 78254 to work for me on 120 minute card but 94074 did work. thanks for the help.

  28. Craig A says:

    Code 78254 worked great on a 120min purchase…

  29. Just used 67861 with a 60 minutes plus the $10.00 60 minute “supercharge” for a total of 180 minutes

  30. Constable Odo says:

    I used code 94074 for 120 minutes card for my Samsung SGH-T404G triple minutes phone. Works perfectly.
    I first tried code 78254, but that didn’t work. Thank you so much.

  31. Marilyn says:

    Note that the current 1 year card offer at Amazon also adds shipping, bringing the total to $90. Hope they change vendors for a better deal.

  32. 67861 worked yesterday, 6/1/2012, with a 60 min. card on lg800g. 240 minutes total. thanks.

  33. Synthia says:

    67861 just worked for me with 120 minute card. Because I have a lifetime triple minutes phone, I ended up getting 120 minutes and 300 bonus minutes! Thanks guys!! This is my second time using one of your codes but it won’t be the last.

  34. On the 200 min card the 77578 code worked , but the 78254 did not. Thank you for your site. I will be back.

  35. Promo code 67861 worked perfectly – got 180 minutes in all! Thanks!

  36. 67861 worked great! Thanks

  37. Heather says:

    77578 worked on my LG800G, woohoo! Thanks!

  38. tracfone code 67861 (60 + 60 bonus) worked for me May 29 2012.

  39. 67861 worked fine as of 5/29/2012. Thanks!

  40. As of May 28, 2012
    Fantastic Tracfone promo code – 78254

    still works.

  41. 78254 no
    67861 yes

  42. 67861 code got me 60 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card. LG 220C phone. Thank you!

  43. 67861 did work….thanks

  44. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your feedback again.

    I check the prices daily and from what I’ve seen the prices should fall back to $74.99 in a day or two (or faster).

    Thanks for being back here! :-) If you need help or want to share something else, we are here to listen.


  45. Marilyn says:

    Bought the 1 year card through Amazon last night for $74.99, free shipping. Went back today to order another one, and the price had shot up to $84.99 plus $4.99 shipping. !!!!!! Different vendor!!! Glad I got one for one of my phones, at least (hope it ships OK) I’ll be watching for the price to fall again. I’ll be back here to check.

  46. 05-26-12 used the 67861 code. I purchased a 120 minute card. It gave me 60 bonus minutes! On top of my “double minutes” that was pretty awesome! Thank you!

  47. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It seems 67861 works for ~90% of the readers. Can someone else with LG 800G to leave a comment if 67861 works on their phone? Donnie,

  48. Marilyn says:

    Tried both 67861 and 79163 with a 60 minute card on my LG 800G. Got the message that they are not valid with my phone. But I get triple minutes anyway. Thanks for the tip on the 1 year card from Amazon.

  49. used da new 5-25-2012 67861 on a 60m n got a total of 180m. f’n awesome. Thanks uploader

  50. FYI: 67861 for 60 mins gives purchaser 120 bonus. SCORE!! Glad it didn’t expire. :-D

  51. 67861 worked with our phone! We got 180 minutes for the 60 minute price. Thank you!

  52. Got 60 extra minutes with promo code 67861. Thank you.

  53. Donnie Donna says:

    Trust me, I am very happy for you. Have you used 67861 before? I know these codes have a limit (10 or so), so they might not work after that (probably on the same phone).

    I am waiting for more comments. Based on your feedback I will update the article to make it easy for you/my readers to save even more, faster, easier. It’s beautiful to save money, right?

  54. Promo Code 79163 WORKED!! Got 140 mins on a 60 min card! Thankx!! Finally, not to be taken advantage of!! Feels GREAT to get a deal!
    67861 did not work

  55. yes the 79163 worked on the 60min card! got 80 extra mins…very nice to have in tough times thanx!!!

  56. promo code 77578 worked great my fone doubles my minutes 200+200+promo 100 gave me 500 minutes thanks

  57. no it worked for me just fine mt fone has double min and I got 500 sweet

  58. 67861 — a winner! Thanks.

  59. 67861 worked for me, too. Thanks

  60. Barbara says:

    Tracfone code 67861 worked great on the 60 minute card today. Thank you.

  61. 67861 worked great! thanks.

  62. 67861 Works.
    78254 and 70826 do not. Expired.

  63. I have the LG800 triple minute phone. I bought a 200 min card and 77578 gave me an extra 100 mins so totaling 700 min with phone bonus!

    I tried 38547 expired, 29655 also expired and 78254 siad it was not valid with my phone.


  64. 67861 code for 60 Min card works! Thanks!

  65. 77578 just got me 100 bonus minutes on a 200 min card. I have dbl minutes so I ended up with 500 total minutes. Thanks!

  66. Jerry H says:

    On a 200 minute card the 77578 code did work, the 78254 did not.

  67. Kathy R says:

    Just used promo code 67861 (twice – for two separate phones), and received 60 bonus minutes on a 60 minute card. Also have DMFL, so we received a total of 180 minutes on a $19.99 60 minute card (twice).

  68. Thanks for the Promo Code “67861” we already have DMFL, I bought my usual 60 Min and I got and got my regular 120 w the DMFL +an extra 60 Min with the promo code for a total of 180 Min

  69. Promo Code 67861 worked perfect on the 60 minute card. Thanks a lot!

  70. Purchased a 60 minute card with promo code 67861 and got 60 bonus minutes!

  71. Donnie Donna says:

    Just updated the article. Hope it helps even more people now.

    @kevin This code 78254 gives you 120 minutes bonus on a 200/200+ minutes purchase.

    Please report if codes work or not so I can update the article with alternatives/more codes so we can help everybody. Donnie,

  72. 77578 worked for 200 min card got 100 bonus min… very nice…

  73. ?Good Tracfone promo code – 94074 (get another 60 free bonus minutes on 120+ minutes cards. Leave a comment if this one works) If your phone has double minutes for life, only regular minutes double, not bonus minutes. Thanks @Merle

    I just used this code on my phone, I have triple minutes for life so I got 120 reg minutes, 300 bonus minutes, 90 days service.

  74. Synthia says:

    Just used 78254 with 200 minute card and it worked!!! This is my first time on this site but definitely not my last. It’s wonderful that the code worked for me the first time.

  75. I tried using 77578 to get the bonus 100 minutes on a 200 minute purchase today (05/18/12). It failed to work this time, just as it failed to work about a month ago when I tried it then. However, reading the comments, it seems that several people have used the code in the last couple of days and it worked fine, Weird. I’ve used it at least 10 times before, so maybe there’s a limit on how many times you can go back to the well.

    The good news is that I was able to call customer service and give them another code which gave me 60 bonus minutes of the 200. Still, it’s a shame I can’t get it to work.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  76. 94074 worked for 120 mins card..
    Total mins=300..

  77. 5/17/12 Used promo code 67861 – rec’d 180 minutes with 60 minute purchase


  78. 67861 just worked.

  79. Hamptongirl says:

    for 60 minute re-fill card
    just used Promo Code 67861- it worked!!!

    I have Double Minutes For Life and it gave me 200 minutes.


  80. 67861 worked 5/17/12 – 60 minute card, DMFL = 120, promo code gave me 180 total = 60 bonus.

  81. 67861 worked for me. Just reloaded my double minutes Samsung with a 60 minute card and got 180 minutes! Thank you.

  82. promo codes 77578, and 38547, 77578 did not work for me they said they had expired.

  83. 5/17/12 2:45pm eastern code 67861 wasn’t valid for me but code 79163 was. Total of 140mins on DMFL phone that a 20min bonus and better than nothing. Thanks

  84. I just used code 67861 on a 60 minute card and it worked!!! Thanks for the code.

  85. I used the 67861 promo code and got 180 bounus minutes

  86. Just used 67861 for 60 bonus minutes! Thanks! I also bought the refill from at a discount. Been buying from them now for 2 yrs now.

  87. Biker Dude says:

    Used the 78254 code, and got 120 bonus minutes on a 120 minute card. Yes, this code still works today,on 5/17/12. Thanks for sharing a great code!

  88. …GOT 100 EXTRA MINUTES FOR 200=300

  89. Just used promo code 77578 succssfully for $40.83, THANK YOU!

  90. Kate Stewart says:

    I just used the promo code 67861 when purchasing 60 minutes and ended up getting 180 minutes (double the 60 minutes plus an extra 60 bonus minutes). Thanks for providing the code!

  91. Tim Torch says:

    I used code 77578 on a 200 minute card and received 500 minutes on a double minutes for life phone. So only 100 bonus minutes, not 200 bonus minutes but still great! Thanks a bunch.

  92. 67861 didn’t work for me but the 79163 did. Thanks for the bonus!

  93. Worked for me. Thank you for sharing :O)

  94. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I am happy that it worked for you. Waiting for more comments.

  95. Just gave code 77578 for 100 bonus minutes with my 200 double minute card.. IT WORKED!!! Now I have 500 minutes…Thank you so much…..Am dancing with joy and singing your praises..

  96. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your kind comment. I love these type of comments.

    Hope you’ll come back in the near future. Hope to save money again.

    Love you all, Donnie,

  97. faithhopelove says:

    I just used promo 77578 with a 200 min card. Got my 100 bonus minutes with my double minutes for a total of 500 minutes! Awesome! Thank you so much – this is the first time I’ve seen and used this site. So encouraging to have immediate success! =D

  98. Donnie Donna says:

    Super super cool!

    Love your comments. Love all your comments.

  99. Donnie Donna says:

    I love your comment. Please, add more comments here (everyone). You make me and everyone reading around super happy with your comments.

    67861 gives you 60 bonus minutes. So if you have Double minutes for life and get one 60 minutes card you get 60 x 2 minutes + those bonus 60 minutes. That’s 180 minutes for super cheap.

    I want more comments here. Whoever you are, comment, good or bad.


  100. 67861 gave me 180 minutes on a 60 minute card (dbl min for life phone). Thanks for the code!!!!

  101. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your comment. Love these type of comments.

    Waiting for more comments. I love when readers help!

    Thanks all. You are all my friends. Love you all :-)

  102. FunnyFace says:

    67861 gave an extra 60 min on DMFL 420G with the 60 min card. 180min total. Thank You!

  103. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I love your feedback. I love happy people.


  104. Donnie Donna says:

    @juju412 Google “how to find my pin number / your phone type”. You should get your answer. I have no experience with pin numbers at the moment.

    @KittieB22 I tried looking for a coupon code for a 30 minutes card, but I haven’t found any. I don’t know if this 67861 works with a 30 minutes card. In general it works with 60 or 60+ minutes card. Try it and let us know. If anyone here has a valid coupon code for a 30 minutes card, please leave a comment. I’ve seen codes for 30 minutes card years ago, so I guess they aren’t valid anymore.

    @Jess Brit – thanks a lot for your feedback. Thanks a lot again.

    @afr52 – thanks a lot for your comment.

    Waiting for more comments. Leave deals/ideas/coupon codes. Share with others and help us all save money.

    Your friend, Donnie,

  105. It worked for me. 67861 got me 240 minutes 90 days on a 60 minute card for my triple minute tracfone for $22 ! THANK YOU!!!

  106. Jess Brit says:

    Just used code 77578 on buying a 200 min card with 200 double minutes and got the 100 minutes bonus – thanks for the code

  107. I used the 77578 code 5/15/2012. Got my extra 100 minutes using 200 pin refill with triple minute phone.

    !!! Thanks Donnie Donna !!!!

  108. Sha'an Mouliert says:

    Just used 67861…bought 60 minutes, I have double minutes and with the bonus, I got 200 minutes…great deal!

  109. KittieB22 says:

    Hey, my mom has the samsung safelink phone provided by Tracfone.
    Shes running low on minutes though and I was planning on buying her a 30minute airtime card for the meantime. Would the code 67861 work on her phone and with a 30min airtime card?

  110. juju412 says:

    how do i find it

  111. juju412 says:

    i cant find my pin number so i can get minutes

  112. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your comment. Super cool comment.

    You all make me so happy with your comment. Waiting for more deals and comments.

  113. McWaykno says:

    HEY FOLKS… IT WORX !!! 67861 worked for me on 5/15/12 @ 1010, i got a 60 & a 30 for 90, doubled, plus the bonus 60 for 240mins for $28 ~ ONLINE ONLY ;~)

  114. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your comment. You made me super happy with your comment. I love helping people.

    Waiting for more comments. Good or bad.

  115. Angel E says:

    Free minutes Yay!! I used code 67861 on a 60 min card and got 180 min total with the DMFL. Thanks so much for posting the codes, it really helped a lot. ^_^

  116. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    Waiting for comments (good or bad).


  117. Ryan Collins says:

    Code 6781 gave me 60 free minutes, thank you for this information! I have the double min. for life, and bought a 60 min. card, got 180 min!

  118. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks! I will update the article.

  119. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for your comments.

    @Joyce Elliott very very good. I am happy for you!

    @Pete – Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, 67861 gives you 60 bonus minutes. If you use the code with a 60 minutes card and you have double minutes for life you get 60×2 regular minutes + 60 bonus minutes (bonus minutes don’t double).

    Thanks and waiting for more deals/comments/ideas.

  120. Thank You! I used code 67861 with a 60 mn card on a DMFL phone on the morning of Monday May 14, 2012 and I received a grand total of 180 minutes. 180! Awesome! Best promo code yet. Thanks again.


  122. Joyce Elliott says:

    Thanks Tracfone the 67861 works for me.

  123. Donnie Donna says:

    So 67861 still works, but not on certain types of mobile phones.

    Do you have triple minutes for life or so?

    Thanks for your comment. Waiting for more.

  124. Used 67861 with 60 minute card got 260 minutes.

  125. Donnie Donna says:

    @Leeal Good job! I am super happy for you. What code got you those minutes bonus?

    @GodRig Thanks for your feedback.

    Waiting for more comments and deals. Hope everyone is well today.


  126. Used May’s promo code with a 60 min card and DMFL on the device. Total minutes received 180, and added 90 days. Thank you kindly to the wonderful people keeping this site on it’s toes.

  127. 60 bonus minutes when I added 120 with double minutes = 300 minutes. Thank you!

  128. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I will update this article based on your comments (but still waiting for more comments). 99908 won’t give you 200+ minutes, but 100. Sorry for the whole confusion. Only the regular minutes double, using the code won’t double the bonus minutes. Never!

    I will update the ‘best deals’ with good/huge savings coupon codes for 400+ minutes cards. It seems people buy these and people need coupon codes for them.

    Thanks a lot for your comment again. Waiting for more comments.


  129. jenn14_1 says:

    86077 did not work for me on 450 min card
    99908 gave me 100 bonus minutes I have DMFL but did not get 200 min FYI
    Thanks so much for your help!

  130. Donnie Donna says:

    That’s super strange. Have you found another working coupon code in this article? I really want to help, so I will further investigate the problem (has anyone here had this problem before? 67861 still works for someone else? Please comment so we can understand this problem).

    I know Tracfone codes work no mather what phone you have.. but it seems they don’t (anymore).

    Again, waiting for more comments if 67861 still works for someone else.

    I will update this comment as soon I find the cause of the problem.


  131. 67861 did not work for me today 5/13/12
    I used it recently on another phone and have been using it for months. It said something about it not being valid on my phone, so maybe it will still work for other people.

  132. Donnie Donna says:

    @Kandy – that’s right. Code 67861 gives you only 60 minutes bonus. Your regular minutes are doubled, not the bonus minutes. I am very happy for you.

    @Maya Bee – very very good. Happy for you. Hope it works well for you!

    Thanks a lot for your comments. Your friend, Donnie!

  133. Maya Bee says:

    I used 67861 on a 60 minute card and it gave me a bonus 60 minutes! Thanks!

  134. Code 67861 only got 60 minutes with 450 minutes doubled = 960 total. Hoped it would double but anything extra is appreciated.
    Thank you.

  135. Donnie Donna says:

    Very cool. Do you have double or triple minutes for life?

    Waiting for more comments :-)

  136. Used 67861 on a 60min card, got 200 bonus

  137. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your idea. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome deal with us.

    So, to all our readers – Tracfone LG800 has triple minutes for life. Just looked at Amazon and the cost is around $99.99 + $5 shipping, so super cheap and you get triple minutes for life.

    Thanks again for sharing the deal with us. Waiting for more deals in the near future.

    Waiting for more comments, deals and coupon codes if you have.


  138. britton says:

    What I have found to be most cost effective. Is I purchased the Tracfone LG800 which came with triple minutes forever on the phone. So when I buy 100minutes I actually get 300! With the promo codes that work for me, I have found running my cellphone very cheap and there is no hole being burnt in my pocket

  139. Donnie Donna says:

    77578 – this one. Gives you 100 bonus minutes. If you have double minutes for life you probably get 200 bonus minutes. So if you buy one 200 minutes card and have double minutes for life and use the code 77578, you will get 400+ minutes.

    Let me know if the deal works.
    Thanks! Donnie,

  140. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks for all your comments. I love your feedback.

    @Mum2four – I am happy for you. I just love when people save money. Thanks for the info too. Hope it helps others.

    @Mark – thanks! One question – can you use the same code twice? Just a curiosity.

    @Robin – very very good. I am happy for you.

    @viji – try this code 38547 or this one 78254. Hope this helps.

    Waiting for more comments and more ideas on how to save even more money.


  141. sherry ann says:

    19533 30 bonus mins on a 120 min card expires 5-30

  142. 67861 worked for me with a 60 minute card. I also have DMFL so got a total of 180 minutes for FREE! (My son bought the 60 minute card for me) (~_^)

  143. I have 200 min card. which bonus code gives me more mins?

  144. 67861 got me sixty free minutes again! Thanks so much!

  145. Mum2four says:

    Thanks so much! I used code 67861 with a $19.99 60 minute card on my double minutes for life trac fon and received a total of 260 minutes!! Thats 200 bonus (including the phone bonus) you can;t beat that!! Thank you soo much for keeping us all up on these codes. It allows us to stretch our dollars a lot further!!

  146. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks to you! I am super happy for you my friend.

    Waiting for more comments. Please like this article on Facebook if you saved money. Let’s help others save money too.


  147. 94074 worked for me! Thanks!

  148. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I am very happy for your success!

    Waiting for more comments, good for bad.

    Your best friend, Donnie!

  149. michael says:

    67861 worked i had no min but when i out it in it gave me 190 min with the 60 min card ohh well im still happy thanks alot

  150. Donnie Donna says:

    Love your comment. Love that you are happy! Good luck in the future!

    Waiting for more and more comments.

    Your friend, Donnie,

  151. Zultang says:

    94074 worked for me as well, 200 + 260 with double minutes, very nice.

  152. Donnie Donna says:

    I love when my readers are happy!

    Keep it going. Keep it commenting. Keep saving.


  153. Mark57 says:

    Used code 67861 on 60 minute card already had double minutes so got total of 180 minutes, Freakin Awesome!!!!!!

  154. Donnie Donna says:

    I am super super happy for you. I love happy people.

    Waiting for more comments. More happy people. Love your feedback!


  155. I used 94074 on a 120 minute card and got the free 60 minutes! YAY!

  156. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. I am very happy that so many people got their bonus and have a happy life!

    Waiting for your comments. Love you all!


    P.S. I will post more Tracfone coupons today. Stay tuned!

  157. Maria Aha says:

    67861 worked 5//07/12

  158. Donnie Donna says:

    @Jacob says very very good. Thanks for your feedback.

    @Geka very happy for you!

    Waiting for more comments.

  159. 67861 worked on 05-05-2012, bought 60 minutes with double minutes for life and received 180 minutes, great deal! Thank you

  160. Just purchased a 60 minute card and got a total of 180 minutes since my phone has double minutes for life and I used 67861! Woohoo!!

  161. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. Hope it helps our readers too!

    Waiting for more comments.

  162. George says:

    67861 worked 5-5-12

  163. Donnie Donna says:

    Thanks a lot for your answer. It’s very good that the 79163 code worked for a 60 minute card. 20 minutes bonus it’s a great deal.

    I will update this article with more Tracfone promo codes today, so stay tuned.

    Thanks a lot again for your comment. Waiting for more.


  164. on a 60 minute card, 98456 did not work, 79163 DID work, just FYI 5/4/12

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