We need Feedback

We need your Feedback.

Simple. Leave a comment and say what you love or/and hate about this website.

Feedback is very important to us, so please, say everything, good or bad. We need to hear it.



  • Tried to make the website super fast. The server is dedicated.
  • We update the website daily.
  • The template is clear/simple/pink.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved in the last week.
  • added Facebook account (we’ll post coupons on it)
  • made the website even faster. Cleaner template. Hope you like it.

To do:

  • print/print preview the printable coupons (reader’s suggestion)
  • add a Facebook account to our website. We will post the hottest deals every day. Just did it!
  • add a Coupon Database to this website. We want to make it easier to search for coupons.
  • Make the website more social.
  • add a forum – in the next months.
  • …  😛 your turn.


  1. Donnie Donna says

    @Denise Thanks and sorry for this! I just updated the codes! Hope it works for you!

  2. Donnie Donna says

    @Julie McMullin – thanks! Be back soon! We will add new Tracfone codes tomorrow!

  3. Julie McMullin says

    I used your Tracfone code 94074 and it worked just like you said. I got 60 extra bonus minutes on my 120 card.

  4. diana says

    Promo code 99908 on a 450 minute card worked great for me. 100 bonus minutes. thanks!!

  5. Donnie Donna says

    You have to admit, 67861 didn’t steal your money. 67861 works for 99% of the people. But it has (probably) a limit. Have you used it before multiple times?

    Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Dave says

    used code 67861 total failure..ripoff..
    tracfone system does NOT tell you if code is any good.
    you hit PAY button and take your chances…
    very disappointed.. .. waste of time and money.

  7. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks for your feedback. I won’t delete the code, just added an alternative (in case it doesn’t work for some people).

    I am very happy for you. Waiting you back in the near future for more promo codes and printable coupons.

    Your friend, Donnie!
    P.S. Sorry for the late comment.

  8. Liz Wright says

    Don’t delete promo code 77578. I just used it and it went right through and I got my 100 free minutes!

  9. Liz Wright says

    Promo code 77578 worked great 5-19-2012 2:29 PM. Bought 200 minutes got 500. I have double minutes already so bought 200, doubled to 400 and when purchase came through on my phone I got 500! 100 bonus minutes with this promo code……. Thanks!!!!

  10. Donnie Donna says

    Hello! First, thanks for your feedback. It seems that in the last couple of days some people reported “broken” codes, while other people reported the same codes working and having no problems with them.

    The first thing that cames in my mind is that you try another code (there are plenty Tracfone promo codes on this website). Have you tried another one?

    I think I will just delete the code because it seems yesterday 2 people reported this code not working anymore.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  11. Henners says

    Code 77578 DID NOT Work for me (200 Min card, DMFL) – Fri, May 18, 2012 –first time any promo code has not given me any kind of bonus!

  12. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks for your feedback. I made a huge mistake and I am so sorry! So sorry!

    I will update the tracfone article today.

    Again, I love your feedback. If you have more ideas and find more errors, please let me know. Feedback only makes the website better and better.

    Waiting for more comments/feedback in this article from our readers.

    P.S. just updated the article :-)


  13. Merle says

    The way the promo codes for trac fone work when your minutes are doubled is being misrepresented. If your phone has double minutes, only the regulare minutes you buy are doubled. Any bonus minutes from a code are given at face value only and not doubled.

  14. Donnie Donna says

    Thanks for your feedback. I am very happy you commented because it helps all of us.

    Please let me know in which articles you are unable to print or print/preview the coupons and I’ll fix them asap.

    P.S. Just updated our Feedback page with this. I will start working immediatly to fix this problem for You and the other users. Would a forum help our readers too? Comment.

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