www.Bathandbodyworksfeedback.com – Bath and Body works feedback

You probably know already that you can print lots of Bath and Body works coupons with easy, but you probably don’t know that you complete their feedback/survey and get a nice coupon or something in exchange.

www.Bathandbodyworksfeedback.com – this is their survey. It’s mostly a satisfaction survey or so called feedback. The limit to take this survey is one/household/month. It doesn’t matter how many people live in your household, you can only use the survey once per month. First off you need your 16 digit invitation number (you’ll find it on your receipt). Don’t ever lose the receipt from Bath and Body works, if you save you some money with easy.

After you complete the survey you might get something. You can also complete/answer the survey/feedback questions in spanish, if english is not your primary language.

New surveys:

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