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Want new & cool coupons for Denny’s? Why not, instead, get some nice coupons via their survey?

www.Dennyslistens.com – In order to get the coupon via survey (you might get a coupon or something in exchange) you need to complete their survey. All you need in order to start the survey is the survey code from the top of your receipt. There are 2 languages in which you can answer this survey – english & espanol.

Survey code – the survey code on your receipt should be 16 digit (a 16 digit code). It takes about 8-10 minutes to complete the survey.

Want more surveys? We have plenty!

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  1. yolanda says

    Soy una cliente muy asidua de esta tienda, me gusta su variedad de ropa, estilo y calidad.especialmente sus precios muy razonables

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