www.Myapplebeesvisit.com – Applebees Survey

Are you looking for a new Applebees coupon or even a survey? Have you made a recent visit to your local Applebees restaurant? If so, you are ready for their survey.

www.Myapplebeesvisit.com – First, you need to select the country or territory where you’ve visited the latest Applebees restaurant (yes, United States is not the only option with them). Then you have to select your language (I guess you can select a couple of languages too). If you complete their survey you have the chance of winning $1,000 in cash. How cool is that? All you need to enter the survey (besides the language/country) is the 9 digit survey code from the receipt you got.

Me and my husband love Applebees. Do you need more surveys? We have an entire category for the surveys.

Do you need coupons?

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