Do you like Vitamin Water? Of course you do! We all do! And we all know their coupons are hard to find nowadays. That’s why they released a new type of survey in order for you to get free stuff coupons – one in six that complete the survey get a nice/special coupon and many many other opportunities.

www.VitaminWaterGoBig.com – this is where you need to complete the survey/feedback or how you want to call it. All you need is your email (where you get the coupon if you are lucky enough) and the code (it can be easily found on bottles). Only for those that are 21 or 21+ years old in United States. No other country available.

The promotion ends 20 February 2013, so plenty of time to get special/free coupons from Vitamin Water.

Limit – one entry/survey/person/day. So in one month you can complete at least 29-30 surveys like this if you drink that amount of Vitamin Water or related products.

Here is the winners list. It might take a while to see some winners there.

New surveys:

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