www.VSFeedback.com – Victoria’s Secret Survey

Do you need more Victoria’s Secret coupons? If so participate in their survey and win/get free stuff/coupons.

www.VSFeedback.com – All you need to complete this survey is your 16 digit invitation number on the back of your receipt. If you get the invitation number don’t lose your receipt. It can change your life and get you some free stuff (we all need free stuff, right?). You also need to complete the date/time when you got the receipt+invitation. At the end of the survey, if you are lucky enough you could receive a new $10 off $50 coupon to use in-store only.

You can also complete the survey via phone if that’s more it.

The limit for this survey – one survey/household/month. You can’t complete this survey more than once/month/family/household.

Want new coupons?

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