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Do you need Walgreens coupons & surveys? Do you want to win $3,000 in cash from Walgreens? Do you want to have that chance? If so, all you need to do is to complete their survey:

www.Wagcares.com – The survey can be “hold” in 2 languages which are english and spanish. All you need in order to start your survey is the survey code & survey password from your receipt. You need to take the survey within 72 hours to be valid and have the chance to win $3,000.

I don’t have to much to say about this survey either, but if you are interested in more possibilities to win cash, try our survey category. We have plenty of coupons too!

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  1. ted davis says

    I like shopping at wal-greens as the employee’s always give me service excellence.

  2. Nelson Cordero says

    I am a Walgreens costomer for 40 years and is the best pharmacy i ever have.I planing to stay we them for ever.They give me the best treatment and my medications are in time always,Love Walgreens

  3. Ivelisse Bigas says

    I am a senior citizen. I am a fan of Walgreens since they opened in Puerto Rico. I have a Walgreens very close to my house, I can go by walking. So this means we have grown together here in the island.

  4. Fanny chen says

    I like Wal-Green every week have good deal, nice price , when I shop i got reward point,always save my money ,that’s why I go to Wal-Green to shop so often, I love it!

  5. Valerie K. charley says

    Everytime i go there the night team are very nice n friendly…i like the attentive services, showed alot of caring…thank you!

  6. Carol Bowman says

    Our local Walgreen Store in Monmouth, IL, offered Folger’s Coffee at a sale price of $6.99 for a 32 oz. can. The merchandise was not available when I stopped the day after the ad came out. I was offered a rain check by the Manager Ryan. Three trips later I still was unable to purchase the coffee and was told by another employee that the store does not usually stock that kind of Folgers, had only ordered a few cans for the sale, and probably wouldn’t get any more.

    Why was I offered a rain check?? I spent time making 3 trips to use it and learned it really wasn’t any good.

    This was not a good experience and is not one I’ll soon forget.


    visitar y comprar en WALGREEN es recibir opciones y variedad en los productos de cualquier linea , todo en perfecto estado y un trato sumamente profeccional en la atencion al cliente por parte del personal que ahy labora en cualqier turno y momento en que se visite WALGREEN LA ATENCION ES EXCELENTE tk

  8. tammie price says

    Love Walgreens great prices…people are great always clean even restroom how often do u see that…

  9. Desmond J. Haney Jr. says

    My visit to Walgreen’s was very pleasnt . The staff was very helpful and friendly.

  10. Venessa M. Stemley says

    I’m surprise Walgreens are now using the rewards card. This make more cluter for the customers and you have to spend way more than you get in rewards in most cases. I’ve used my walgreens card twice and there are no pointrs noted so I guess there’s a glitch in the system.

  11. Kathy Huse says

    My visit to Wal-Greens was very pleasent today. As it is very time i go there witch is quite often.Thank You for being so close to my home.

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